Busting the Most Common Roof Maintenance Myths

When it comes to roofing maintenance, it seems like everybody has a different opinion about how to properly take care of roofs. Unfortunately, it you believe everything you hear, you may end up disregarding roof problems that can potentially turn into major disasters for your home. Keep reading as we bust three of the most common roof maintenance myths:  

black shingle roof

Modern roofs don’t require regular maintenance.

Because the quality of roofing materials has improved over the years, many people mistakenly believe that new roofs don’t require any form of regular maintenance. However, while newer roofs tend to be extremely durable and long-lasting, they are not free of many of the common problems any roof can face over its lifespan – such as torn shingles, holes, and shrinking, just to name a few. Regularly maintaining your roof and rectifying any damage that occurs will ensure even minor issues don’t become worse.

Gutters are separate from roofs.

What many people don’t realize is that gutters and roofs go hand in hand. If your gutters are clogged or damaged in any way, this will have a direct effect on your roof’s ability to function properly. This is because clogged gutters can cause severe leakage under your roof, weighing down your roof’s structure and resulting in the accumulation of mold and water damage. Having your gutters cleaned on a yearly basis will ensure your roof maintains its structural integrity and protect it for years to come. 

Roof warranties cover everything.

You may be under the impression that your warranty will cover any roofing issue that comes up; however, this sadly is not often the case. Warranty coverage is highly dependent on your roofing company and the level of regular preventative maintenance you’ve had done. In most cases, even extended warranties do not cover roof damage caused by weather conditions or long-term neglect. Typically, your roof warranty (most commonly referred to as a manufacturer’s warranty) will only cover minor repairs, such as a broken shingle or a defect in roofing materials. It’s best to check the fine print of your warranty before assuming anything!

Don’t Put Off Roof Maintenance

Is your roof in need of maintenance? Get in touch with AVA Roofing and let us take care of your roofing needs this spring!  

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