As a homeowner, you probably know that the condition of your roof plays a major role in the value of your home. Being vigilant about maintaining your roof and making repairs in a timely manner is essential for keeping your home in the best shape possible. Whether your roof is 30 years old or just a couple months old, here are some important tips for prolonging the life of your roof:   

residential home with good roof

Replace missing shingles promptly.

While it may appear like minor wear and tear on the surface, even just one missing or torn shingle can wreak havoc on your roof. Shingle repairs will ensure any gaps in your roof are filled, protecting your roof’s structure from weather elements, such as wind, rain and ice. Replacing broken or missing shingles sooner than later can eliminate the need to spend significant amounts of money on a full-blown damaged roof in the future.  

Prevent ice dams.

If you live in a cold wintery climate, taking proactive measures each year to prevent ice build-up from forming on your roof is key. Ice dams can cause many problems for your roof, including structural damage to the edges of your roof and gutters, carbon monoxide from blocked chimneys or vents, and even possible roof collapse. If you notice any signs of ice or water damage on your roof – or in the form of condensation in your attic – it’s critical to get to the root of the problem before the condition of your roof is permanently affected.  

Get regular roof inspections.

Unfortunately, many roofing issues are hard to spot with the human eye. This is why having regular roof inspections can help significantly in identifying issues that may eventually lead to bigger problems down the road. An experienced roofer can evaluate your roof for both minor and major problems, giving you an estimate for how much potential repairs may cost and helping you understand what issues need to be rectified immediately.

AVA Will Help Prolong Your Roof’s Life

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