Are you so focused on your roof’s structure and functionality that you’ve forgotten that the air in your attic can be just as important for your roof’s integrity and lifespan? Without proper attic ventilation, the roof of your Buffalo home can overheat in the summer from trapped heat in the attic, and in the winter, heat in the attic can escape and cause moisture build-up, resulting in ice on the roof and damaged shingles. By resolving ventilation issues, you can extend the life of your roof and save money in the long run.

While it’s best to have an experienced roofing professional perform an inspection of your attic, here are some quick ways to tell if your attic is properly ventilated:

Pay attention to leaks

If you’ve had leakage on your roof, this is potential indication of trapped moisture in your attic. When this happens, damage to your roof’s structure can occur as a result of ice dams in the winter or mold in the summer. When vents are properly installed, it’s easier for moisture to be released. A leak inspection by the roofing professionals at AVA’s Buffalo offices can help ensure the longevity of your roof

Notice changes to utility bills

One of the hallmark signs of poor attic ventilation is skyrocketing utility bills due to loss of heat in the winter or loss of air in the summer. If you notice your utility bills spiking during peak periods of hot or cold weather, it’s likely that your HVAC is running on overdrive and that air being trapped in your attic may be the culprit. Improving airflow in your attic will level out the amount of heat or cool air being circulated, allowing your HVAC to function better.

Take unwanted critters seriously

While one or two unwanted rodents in the attic from time to time isn’t always a cause for concern, the ongoing incidence of pests can be directly related to moisture in the attic. Because pests of all types thrive in wet, damp environments, a pest control issue is often a sign of improper attic ventilation. Unless you experience a single, isolated incident, never ignore a growing pest control problem!

Do you suspect ventilation issues with your attic? Not to worry! With the right professional service, ventilation problems can be addressed before they cause long-lasting damage to your home.

To learn about AVA’s attic ventilation inspection process, check out this video or contact us directly at out Buffalo offices to schedule an inspection by one of our qualified roofing professionals.

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