In the market for a new roof? You may be feeling overwhelmed with the decision of choosing the best roofing professional for the job. With dozens of roofing companies in Western New York, knowing what to look for in a roofing contractor can be confusing.

As you consider roofing contractor options, here are three important factors to consider:


Being one of the most high-risk types of work, any credible roofing professional should be insured. Asking roofers if they have proper workers’ compensation and liability insurance should be the first question upon inquiring about services. In the event of onsite injuries or property damage (which occur more often than you might think), insurance is important for covering these types of liabilities. If you use a company that’s not insured, you as the homeowner may be faced with medical bills and other costs, should an unforeseen accident occur on your property. In some cases, homeowners’ insurance doesn’t even cover these types of incidents, making it especially important to vet a roofer that’s fully insured.


Any roofing repair or replacement requires professionals who are fully skilled and equipped. Asking every potential roofing company about their level of experience and how long they’ve been in the industry will give you peace of mind that your roof is in good hands. In addition to asking companies how many years they’ve been in business, it’s a good idea to read reviews online to form an opinion for yourself about each company’s expertise. If you know other customers who have used the company, be sure to check with them for their feedback too. 

Customer Service

While it’s easy to forget, a solid roofing company should offer exceptional customer service. This means providing responsive communication, ease of scheduling and a high level of professionalism in all interactions. You can gauge a roofing company’s quality of customer service by paying attention to how quickly they return your calls, as well as how clear they are with promptly providing answers to your questions and addressing any concerns.  

Remember, your roof is one of your home’s most major assets. Taking time to research and assess the best roofing contractor for your Buffalo home is critical not only for ensuring the best quality roof replacement or repair services, but for maintaining the value of your home for years to come. If you’re in search of a trusted and highly experienced roofing contractor in Western New York, get in touch with the experts at AVA Roofing!

21 Responses to “Three Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roofing Contractor”

  1. It helped me when you said that being one of the most high-risk types of work, any credible roofing professional should be insured. My father and I are considering looking for a roofer because the current top is old and worn, and we are thinking of refurbishing the roof of the house with new materials. I think it’s a good idea to hire a reliable local expert with experience in regional weather patterns to learn how to protect our home best.

  2. Thanks for the information that the first question when inquiring about roofing services is to ask if they have liability insurance and have proper worker’s compensation. My brother shared with me yesterday that he is planning to replace their house roof and asked what would be the best option to make as he doesn’t know how the roof should be done. Thank you for this informative article! I’ll make sure to tell him that he should contact a trusted roofing contractor to provide good quality service.

  3. It really helped when you talked about roofing contractors and what to consider when hiring one! Recently, my wife and I decided we’d like to replace our house’s roof. We believe our home’s roof is too old, and we’d like to find a contractor to inspect it, so we’ll be sure to read and follow your hiring tips! Thanks for the advice on roofing contractors and how professional ones should have experience in their field!

  4. I never knew that your roof is one of your home’s most major assets. I never thought that it would be like this, it is an intriguing article to read and I will also share this with my aunt. Thank you for the information about roofing contractors.

  5. Thank you for explaining that a reputable roofing professional should be insured since this is one of the most high-risk types of work. Roofers deal with heights that’s why I think they should have proper workers’ compensation and liability insurance. This is the requirement I would consider as well in case I need roofing assistance.

  6. It really helped when you said that we will have peace of mind if we are able to know how long the roofing company has been in the industry and know more about their experience. I will definitely ask around about that and find the best option for us now that we need their services to repair our home. It’s after experiencing leaks when it rained hard yesterday.

  7. Thanks for pointing out that a residential roofing company is credible if they are insured. As you mentioned, they would have proper coverage for their workers and liabilities when you inquire about their services. I will make sure that I ask about that when I hire such services this year. We just needed their help to repair certain parts of our property after we noticed that there are water stains on the exterior walls, so there might be leaks we haven’t noticed.

  8. My favorite part of this article is a reputable roofing business should provide outstanding customer service. Someone recently told me about this and it is different from what I understand. Thanks for helping me understand roofing.

  9. I never knew that any roofing repair or replacement necessitates the use of properly trained and equipped personnel. Inquiring about the degree of experience and length of time in the industry with each possible roofing company will offer you peace of mind that your roof is in good hands. I never thought that it would be like this, I’ll share this with my aunt. Thank you for the information about residential roofing replacement.

  10. I liked it when you shared that it is great to find out how long the company has been in the industry to determine their experience. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is worried about her house as the roof has been leaking for days due to a lack of maintenance. I will suggest to her find a reliable and experienced service that can help fix it as soon as possible.

  11. I never took into account the fact that you can tell how good a roofing company’s customer service is by how soon they respond to your calls and how clear they are in answering your inquiries and resolving any problems. I remember when I was a college student I was proudly answering the question but now I realize it was different. Thank you for helping me understand the right information about roof repair.

  12. I would like to hire a roofer that will be able to fix my cracked roof. Thank you for sharing that it will be best to ask the chosen contractor regarding ise insurance and woker’s compensation. I also agree with you that the chosen roofer must be experienced enough.

  13. I like that you said that an experienced and skilled service provider is necessary for proper service. My uncle mentioned to me the other night that he was planning to have their roof repaired because of leaks and clogging, and he asked me if I had any idea what would be the best option to resolve it. Thanks to this informative article, I’ll be sure to tell him that he can consult a trusted roofing specialist as they can help him provide helpful information that will prevent roof problems.

  14. You made a great point about how your roof is one of the biggest major assets of your home. Trying to repair something like that all by myself would end up in a lot of potential damage down the line since it won’t be covered very effectively. Since there is a lot of margin for error here, I’ll ask a professional roofer to lend us a hand with some repairs right away since they have more experience than me.

  15. I want to make sure that my roof is put together properly. It makes sense that I might want to work with a professional to ensure that I do this properly. I’ll be sure to find one that has experience with this kind of thing.

  16. I loved what you said about asking every roofing company about their level of experience. I’m hoping to hire a roofer this week to replace some of my shingles. A few of them fell off during a storm last week, and I want to get them repaired.

  17. Thank you for explaining how you should ask them about their level of experience. My sister needs to hire someone to check out her roof after she discovered a leak this morning. I’ll be sure to share this with her so she can find the best roofer to help her out.

  18. Thank you for explaining that it’s a good idea to ask about how long they’ve been working in this industry. My husband and I think we may need to replace our roof this year. I’ll be sure to ask this when we interview a few different contractors in the area.

  19. It does make sense to seek a reputable roofing company that could install a durable system around your home. My friend wants to try investing in waterfront property so she can do water activities during work downtime. I will talk to her about finding a roofing expert that could install a durable roof around her home.

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