If there’s one thing that folks in upstate New York know about winter, it’s that lake effect snow can be brutal on roofs for homes and businesses. If you have a lower-slope roof that doesn’t effectively shed this snow, the weight can cause structural damage to your roof, especially wet, dense snow that’s harder to move.

However, you may want to have that snow professionally removed.

Winter Storm Warning: Why You Should Hire Roof Snow Removal

What are some of the reasons why you should hire a qualified contractor for roof snow removal for your Buffalo home?

  1. You have a low-slope roof that isn’t shedding snow. One of the reasons why so many homes in upstate New York have a higher roof pitch is because the snow falls off naturally due to the pull of gravity. A low-slope roof can build up a lot more snow, requiring it to be cleaned off to avoid structural damage to the roof framing.
  2. Roofs are difficult to work on, especially when slippery from snow or ice. The slope of even an average roof in upstate New York can be difficult to stand on easily in pleasant weather, and ice and snow make it even more dangerous. Even when wearing a safety harness, falling onto a hard roof surface can cause injuries.
  3. Heavy snow is hard to move. Moving snow off a roof requires the right tools to avoid damaging the roof’s surface, which can void your warranty. Having a professional who has experience with this type of work and the right tools for the job can make an enormous difference in how well your home sheds moisture in the future.

Though you may be able to save a few bucks by removing snow from your roof yourself, an injury or damage to your roof can cost much more than the cost of having the snow professionally removed. You also get the bonus of staying in your warm, dry home instead of fighting the elements. Ready to schedule roof snow removal for your Buffalo home? The residential snow removal professionals at AVA Roofing can help. We’re a licensed and bonded business with a 60-year history in the region. Contact us today!