Winter storms are epic in upstate New York, dumping huge amounts of snow on your roof in a short period of time. However, when heavy snow collects on trees and causes branches or trees to fall on your roof, wet snow causes a lot of weight to strain your roof’s support structure, or hail damages your shingles, it can damage your roof.

When it comes to heavy snow accumulation and winter storm roofing damage, Rochester residents should consider the following while waiting for repairs.

Winter Storm Damage: What to Do While Waiting on Repairs

What are some of the reasons why you should hire a qualified contractor for roof snow removal for your Buffalo home?

Some signs of roof damage are subtle, such as extra debris washing down your gutters after a hailstorm damages asphalt shingles. Others are much more obvious, such as the tree branch in your living room that has punctured your roof. Whatever type of damage you have, it’s important to remove any debris and create a temporary seal on your roof while waiting for a roofing company to arrive.

If you have a tree, large branches, or other debris on your roof, start by removing them as much as possible while working safely. In some cases, a pole saw allows you to remain on solid ground while cutting up the debris. Removing the debris will also give the repair company a good view of the damage so that they can make an accurate assessment of the repairs that will be needed.

If the damage is being caused by excess snow, carefully remove the snow as much as possible without damaging the roof’s surface. This can be managed with a broom, plastic shovel, or specialty tools. Removing the excess weight gives your roof a rest from the strain and makes it easier for it to bear up against the next snowstorm.

Has the damage punctured through the roof envelope or damaged the shingles? If so, you’ll need to put a tarp or tarps up on the roof to provide extra protection from the moisture. You’ll also want to use some furring strips to hold the edges of the tarp in place.

Regardless of the type of winter storm roofing damage your Buffalo home has incurred, you should contact a reliable local contractor to inspect and repair the damage as quickly as possible to avoid additional damage. AVA Roofing is a local western upstate New York company with over 60 years of experience in the region, providing you with a quality repair and great service. Please feel free to contact us today.