Roofs often undergo issues with functionality over time, leading to the need for repairs and full roof replacements. However, there is a full suite of cosmetic roofing problems that can affect the roof of your Buffalo home, leading to poor visual appearance and affecting the value of a home.

Here are three common cosmetic roofing problems to be aware of:

Black stains

Black stains can develop on a rooftop from algae over the course of several years, often causing an unsightly appearance. While the build-up of algae doesn’t typically affect a roof’s performance, it can foster the growth of mold which may result in a more substantial concern. There are many types of algae removal treatments, including zinc strips or bleach solutions. Always ask a roofing professional for the best solution for your roof.


Roof blistering occurs as a result of trapped moisture within shingles due to improper installation or leaks. Blistering is a common cosmetic issue for many homeowners, as it causes a roof’s shingles to start cracking, curling, or deteriorate. While the appearance of blistering can reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home, it can also cause other harm by potentially affecting ventilation in your attic.

Hail damage

Hail can unfortunately cause varying degrees of damage to your shingles which can affect your roof’s appearance. Some of the issues caused by hail include discoloration, bruising or cracking, and dents or dings. While hail damage sometimes appears very minor, it can be the source of other issues that may alter the integrity of your roof’s structure.

While a roof can often endure cosmetic problems while still maintaining its functionality, it’s best to address cosmetic issues as these can lead to larger problems down the road!

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