Have you been living in your home for a while with little knowledge about the quality of your roof’s condition? As Buffalo homeowner, you should consider a roofing inspection. Its also important to be educated about the projected lifespan of your roof so you can get any necessary repairs or a full roof replacement completed at the right time.

Here are factors that Buffalo homeowners should consider that affect a roof’s condition and lifespan:

Roofing material

The material of your roof is one of the biggest factors affecting its lifespan. Asphalt shingles tend to have a projected lifespan of approximately 20-25 years, while tile and metal can last even longer. The durability of your roof’s materials will play a major role in how well it can withstand severe weather elements.  

Roof slope

Lower sloped roofs typically have a shorter lifespan, as they tend to take longer to eliminate excess moisture from precipitation which can result in a higher risk of damage to your roof over time. On the other hand, a steeper roof slope will shed moisture much more efficiently, resulting in less damage. If your home has a lower sloped roof, consider have a roof inspection performed a couple times per year so any potential problems can be addressed early!


The climate where you live can significantly affect your roof’s lifespan. Homes in regions with frequent wind or hailstorms tend to experience greater degrees of roofing damage – resulting in a need for replacement sooner than the roof’s expected lifespan. If your roof suffers major weather-related damage over the years, chances are you’ll require a replacement sooner than later.

Being aware of the three factors above will help you better understand the condition of your own roof and what you can expect from its lifespan. In general, it’s always best to consult with a professional roofer who can assess your roof’s condition and provide the best solutions.

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