If you’re looking for roof replacement services for your Buffalo home, you’ve probably heard about a tear-off roof. From better durability to increased home value, a tear-off roof replacement has many advantages – especially if you’re replacing a very aged rooftop.

Here are some of the benefits and what you should know:

Option to upgrade

If it’s been decades since your roof has been replaced, chances are your home’s roof was not constructed with the highest quality roofing materials. A tear-off roof provides the option to upgrade to a different type of roof underlayment (depending on your climate conditions) which will improve your roof’s structure and longevity.

Greater long-term durability

Because tear-off roofs consist of all new materials (with complete removal of the old roof), they generally have more long-term durability. During the process of a tear-off roof replacement, your roofing company will be able to fully inspect your entire rooftop and make repairs to address any underlying problems. Additionally, with a full tear-off replacement, your new roof will be expected to endure a lifespan of at least 20 to 30 years.

Higher property value

A tear-off roof can instantly add an increased value of approximately $10,000 to your home. If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future or over the next few years, you’ll enjoy a higher resale value, especially if you’re replacing an old, deteriorating roof that was previously damaged or leaking.

For homeowners in Buffalo, tear-off roofs are undeniably a reliable and long-lasting option for people who are looking for a smart roofing investment. Interested in learning more about a tear-off roof replacement for your Buffalo home? Get in touch with the roofing experts at AVA Roofing and we’ll be happy to discuss the tear-off roofing process with you in detail!