Have you considered the role of your home’s siding in roof maintenance? If your Buffalo home has vinyl siding, there are some siding-related issues that can significantly affect the quality of your rooftop. Being aware of common siding problems can help you spot potential issues with your roof and get necessary repairs completed before costly damage ensues.

Here are some of the most common vinyl siding related roof problems to look out for in your Buffalo home:

Moisture build-up

One of the primary roles of siding is serve as a barrier in keeping moisture from entering your home. If there are any signs of moisture penetrating your Buffalo home’s exterior in the form of mold or mildew, damaged siding may be to blame. In addition, moisture build-up can result in mold to form directly under your shingles, resulting in significant rotting on your roof over time.


If you are constantly hearing sounds coming from your roof, damaged siding panels may be causing popping or crackling sounds. There are many causes of noisy siding, including improper siding installation or weather-related damage. Regardless of the cause, loose siding can cause leaks to enter your home if left untreated.

Cracks and crackling

Extreme weather and long-time wear and tear can be a major cause of siding damage. The vinyl siding on your Buffalo home is especially susceptible to cracks from extreme winds and hail, as well as fallen tree branches or other physical objects that may hit your home. No matter how small a crack may be, any sign of damage can become worse over time.

When in doubt, always hire a professional roofer to inspect your home’s siding. Whether you need minor or major repairs (or nothing done at all), it’s best to have peace of mind that your roof is not being compromised due to siding problems! To schedule your appointment, contact the roofing experts at AVA Roofing today by calling (716) 343-7663.