What if you could extend your home or business’ shingle warranty by 25% with no real extra work for you? When you have CertainTeed shingles installed by a Gold-Star ShingleMaster company, you’re able to do just that by simply having an annual inspection performed on your shingles. But what is a ShingleMaster and what does the color of the stars have to do with anything? Keep reading to learn more.

Are You Working With a CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster for Your Home?

As an industry leader, CertainTeed has a vested interest in making sure that the installers and contractors who are laying roofs with CertainTeed shingles are well-trained and know how to properly install their products. This is part of the driver behind their ShingleMaster Program. This program, in its most basic format, requires roofing companies with that designation to either have on staff one Shingle Quality Specialist and two Master Shingle Applicator crew members, or by completing their ShingleMaster Credential Course and having on staff a minimum of one Master Shingle Applicator. Sounds easy, right? It is, which is why there are a number of ShingleMaster-certified companies in the area.

The Select ShingleMaster Credential

The next level is the Select ShingleMaster credential, which requires the company to have been in business five years or been a ShingleMaster for one year, that all supervisors and half of all job crew be Master Shingle Applicators, has a Shingle Quality Specialist on staff, the owner has passed a Business Fiscal Responsibility exam and holds current worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance. After this is the Silver-Star level, which requires three years in business or three separate roofing installation inspections by CertainTeed, licensing by a local, regional or state agency, submitting a credit history for the business and rated as credit-worthy and adhering to the code of ethics.

Increase Your Roof’s Warranty Length

Gold-Star level is only achieved by the best of the best. It adds a five-years-in-business and three-roof-inspection requirement, as well as a minimum bonding capability or similar financial resource of $1 million. By only working with a Gold-Star ShingleMaster, you can increase your roof’s warranty length while receiving a high-quality installation. As one of only two Gold-Star ShingleMaster companies within 50 miles of Tonawanda, AVA Roofing has spent decades delivering high-quality roofing. We’re ready to help you take care of your roof, just contact us today to get started!

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