Are you buying, building or upgrading a house while being environmentally conscious? Your roof is your home’s biggest asset, presenting a prime opportunity to “go green.” If you’re committed to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, there are fortunately many roofing options to consider. To get started, check out our first round of environmentally friendly roofing materials and their many benefits:  e

Metal roofs 

Is having a roof of recycled material your top choice? Look no further than a metal roof produced from primarily recycled metal products. What’s most appealing about a metal roof is that the material can continue being recycled long after the life of the roof, making it a reusable substance for future use. In addition to being great for the environment, metal is a wonderful option for homeowners looking for a roof with longevity (often lasting over 40 years), durability (being able to withstand major weather elements), and a high degree of energy efficiency.

Clay roofs

You may have fond memories of playing with clay as a kid, but did you know this same material can be a viable eco-friendly roofing choice? Clay tiles are completely recyclable, as they’re made from earth minerals rather than chemicals. Though they may incur a higher cost than other roofing materials, clay roofs are known for being extremely durable (lasting up to 100 years), with heavy clay tiles withstanding any type of severe weather conditions. As if that’s not enough, clay roofs require very little maintenance and repairs due to their dense mass!

Slate roofs 

Looking for a roofing material that’s both sleek and natural? Made of 100% stone, slate roofing tiles are known for being durable, fireproof and environmentally friendly – in addition to being one of the most beautiful and aesthetically appealing roofing options out there! Slate tiles are recyclable long after the life of the house, with the potential for the material to used again for another home or building. There are also many types of slate tiles available, offering a diverse array of colors and sizes to choose from. 

Perhaps what’s most important to note about these roofing options is that they’re all made from fire resistant materials, being the most apt to withstanding severe fire exposure. Therefore, you can help the environment while ensuring the best safety precautions for your home.  

Your Roof Is An Investment Necessary for Your Home

Without a doubt, your roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your home. Making a roofing choice that aligns with your personal lifestyle and preferences will make this investment more enjoyable for you in the long run! 

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