Buffalo’s lake-effect snow. It makes any homeowner in upstate New York shudder. When heavy snow puts extreme weight on your roof, it’s vital that you have that snow removed before it causes your roof to collapse. When a roof collapses, it causes significant damage. Even everyday snowfall can build up to dangerous levels, while freeze and thaw cycles cause problems with your roof that can cause leaks, damage and inconvenience in your home. At the same time, climbing up onto your roof without the right equipment can damage your roof or cause a dangerous fall. Don’t risk turning an important task into a tragedy or a need to undergo roof repairs or a roof replacement earlier than you’re ready because your roof shingles have been damaged! Call our roof snow removal team in Buffalo as soon as you notice the problem.

How Snow Impacts Your Roof

A little snow every now and then is nothing to be concerned about; with small amounts of snow there’s no need for roof cleaning. But in Buffalo we do get big winter storms, and that’s when your roof is most likely at risk for damage. This is not an issue to be ignored, this is how snow can truly impact your roof:


When snow continues to fall during the winter time, your roof starts to suffer from the weight that will continue to build. With that excess weight, the roof will start to cave in. If you notice any signs of this, it is best to get a contractor to look at it as soon as possible. It is even better to prevent it from even happening, as it will save you a great deal of money to avoid replacing your roof and other damage that could come from this. AVA’s roof snow removal service in Buffalo can relieve your stress!

Ice Dams

As ice accumulates on the roof, it can form ice dams. This happens from ice and snow melting, flowing down the roof and the freezing right at the edge of the roof. Ice dams can cause major gutter damage and significant roof issues.

Freeze and Thaw

Accumulation of snow and ice cause cracks to become present. When water seeps into even the tiniest cracks, this could pose a major issue for your roof. These leaks start to spread throughout your home and overtime the crack can become much more prominent. It is possible for even the smallest of cracks to cause a great deal of damage to your roof and home.

Removing snow
Team removing snow


Our trained, skilled experts can safely remove snow from your roof, using proper protective equipment. Because we’re bonded, licensed and insured, you can rest assured that your home is in good hands while we’re taking care of your excess snow issues. Our team’s knowledge of how roofing systems work ensures that we can get your roof cleared off without damage or voiding your warranty. When you need roofing companies near Buffalo to have excess snow removed from your roof, contact AVA Roofing & Siding for a free estimate.


Have Our Team Remove the Snow Before Any Damage Occurs!

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