Do you have a roof replacement planned this summer for your Buffalo home? Before any major roofing construction, planning and preparation is key for a smooth transition.  It’s recommended that homeowners take precaution to ensure full protection of their home, as well as the personal safety of themselves and their families.

Here are three ways in which you can get your Buffalo property ready for a roof replacement: 

Cover and protect belongings in your attic

During any roof replacement, your attic will inevitably be affected with debris and shards of material that fall from hammering on the rooftop. You can protect belongings in your attic by covering them with large drop sheets and removing all your valuables. Once the roof installation is complete, you may also need to vacuum particles in the attic that accumulated as a result of construction. 

Protecting your home and Remove all outdoor furniture and other valuables

During the summertime, it’s common to have patio furniture, bikes, sprinklers and other items lying outside your home on the lawn and driveway. However, before a roof replacement begins, it’s critical to move all these valuables completely out of the way, either into your garage or somewhere else where they’ll be protected once the roofing process gets underway. In addition, make sure all vehicles are removed from the driveway, as the roofing company will need to park as close to your home as possible for easy access to their tools and trucks throughout the day.

Avoid letting children or pets outside during construction

While it may seem obvious, it’s extremely important to keep children and pets at a safe distance from the work zone for many safety reasons. First, there will be lots of debris and shingles falling from the roof which can be very dangerous. Second, workers will be busy hauling large pieces of roofing materials and other tools which can be hazardous to others nearby. Make sure your children understand that your front and backyards are off-limits during the construction or consider making arrangements for them to stay with a relative or neighbor until the roof replacement is completed.  

Taking the steps above will ensure your property is fully protected throughout the entire duration of your roof replacement. Most importantly, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you and your family are safe during the process!

At AVA Roofing, our customers’ safety is always our top concern. Get in touch with our offices in Buffalo and learn about our roof replacement services!