Does your home have roofing repairs that need to get done? If you’ve been putting off major or minor roofing issues, there’s good reason to have repairs done during the winter. Your roof is one of your home’s biggest assets and neglecting it can have disastrous effects for your property in the future.

Here are some of the reasons to have seasonal roof maintenance or roofing repairs for your Buffalo home performed during the winter months:

Leaks can worsen

Waiting too long to have leaks repaired can put your home at severe risk of major water damage and mold. Cold weather during the winter can often cause both new leaks and existing leaks to worsen, as frigid temps cause your roof to contract and expand. Having repairs completed during the winter will reduce the severity of damage and prevent leaks from becoming more problematic when spring arrives.

Keep heat in your home

Damages to your roof can often cause loss of heat within your home over time. Even small cracks can cause heat to escape and result in higher heating bills, as it will take your home longer to warm up. Any issues with insulation should be addressed immediately to ensure proper ventilation and air flow within your home. This is also key for avoiding overheating and preventing ice dams during the winter.

Take advantage of best pricing

Typically, during the winter months you can get the best prices from roofing contractors. Because demand is not as high, roofers often charge at least 30% less for various types of roofing work during off-season times. There also tends to be more scheduling availability, making winter repairs more appealing for homeowners preparing to put their home on the market in the spring. 

While winter tends to be the least popular time of year for roofing repairs, it can have many benefits – especially if your roof is already compromised or at risk of complete deterioration.  

Are you in need of roofing repair or seasonal roof maintenance? Call AVA Roofing in Buffalo and schedule an appointment this winter with one of our expert roofing contractors.