Are you in the market for new windows? Deciding what type of windows to install in your home can be a major decision. There are many types of windows to consider, with one of the most popular choices being a bay window. As one of the most aesthetic window options, here are three of the main reasons to consider a bay window for your home:  

bay window

Increased home value

Because of their impressive curb appeal, bay windows instantly add value to any home. Their clean, modern appearance elevates the look and appearance of any home which can greatly benefit resale value. The grandiose visual nature of a bay window complements both interior and exterior structures, offering a timeless and elegant look for years to come.    

Ability to customize

One of the great attributes of bay windows is that they’re customizable for the homeowner. Depending on your preferred length and height, you can choose a bay window that goes well with the style of the room. A bay window also creates the illusion of more space, making rooms look larger and more expansive due to an increased sense of openness and enhanced natural light. The visual appeal of a bay window, accompanied with its practicality, make it an ideal window option for people looking for a unique addition to their home.

Better natural ventilation

Because of the large size of a bay window, it’s generally great at providing improved ventilation in your home. With the center of the window being a fixed unit, generally the two side windows of a bay window can be opened. The ability to open these side windows allows for increased air circulation in your home from two directions, rather than one. This can create a nice cross breeze, maximizing ventilation in the spring and summer months.

AVA Will Handle Your Window Installation Needs

These are just some of the many reasons to consider the appeal and usefulness of a bay window! If you’re thinking about adding a bay window in your home, learn how the AVA Roofing team can meet all your window installation needs.