Are you currently on the hunt for a new house? With a home’s roof being one of its biggest assets, proactively educating yourself about the condition and quality of the roof is essential for being an informed homebuyer.

When looking for a home in Buffalo, be sure to ask these three new home roofing questions:

How old is the roof?

First and foremost, it’s essential to know the roof’s age, especially if you’re looking at an older home. If the house still has its original roof, getting information about its age and lifespan will help you understand its current condition and what repairs or replacements may need to get done in the future.

When will the house need a new roof?

Along with the age of the roof, you’ll want to find out when exactly you’ll need a new roof installed. Depending on the current roof’s lifespan, you may need to budget and prepare accordingly for the investment of a new roof upon buying the home. If a roof replacement is needed within the next five years, this can often be a costly expenditure for many new homeowners.

Is the roof still covered under warranty?

Sometimes when a home is sold, its roof is still covered under warranty. In some cases, the warranty is transferable to the new homeowner and covers manufacturing defects. Getting the terms and conditions of the warranty during the home buying process will ensure you have the information you need in the event of future roofing issues.

Asking the roofing questions above is important for making the best decisions during the homebuying process. To become more informed about roofing repairs and replacements, contact the roof inspection experts at AVA Roofing in Buffalo, NY and let us answer all your questions.