Are you desperately in need of a new roof, but planning to wait until the weather breaks to schedule it? While it may seem odd to have extensive roofing work completed during the winter (especially for homeowners in Buffalo), having a roof replacement done this time of year can have some perks.

Here are three reasons to consider off-season roofing installation this winter:

Buffalo Off-Season Roofing

Getting your house ready to put on the market

Prepping your house to put it on the market this spring? There’s no better time than winter to get a new roof and enhance the value of your home. You’ll eliminate the need to have a bunch of roofers at your house during primetime selling season, giving you more flexibility to focus on exterior cosmetic updates, such as landscaping or painting. Additionally, getting on a roofing company’s schedule is much easier and more flexible during the winter. Waiting until the seasons change may leave you with limited openings, making it more difficult to show your home to potential buyers.

Preventing future damage

If your plan is to wait until spring or summer to replace a poorly functioning roof, you may be subject to further damage that could have been prevented. Roofing problems often get worse from sleet and snow, and can become more costly and severe if you wait several months for a replacement. Rather than potentially sacrifice the structural integrity of your house in the future, taking the plunge to get your new roof in the winter can save you a major headache.

Cost savings

Typically, due to less demand by homeowners in Buffalo, roof replacements in the winter tend to be less costly than during other times of the year. Since winter is generally considered “off season” in the roofing industry, you’ll likely get a lower rate. Along the same lines, you may also spend less for roofing materials which can be appealing if you opt for a more expensive roofing option.

At AVA Roofing, our team works year-round while always putting our workers’ safety first. With the exception of dangerous weather conditions, we do full roofing replacements throughout the entire winter season. Get in touch with our office in Buffalo about roof replacement services during the off-season today!

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