With winter now well underway, are you already experiencing some roofing challenges? Roofing problems can occur any time, but are more prevalent during the winter months when cold weather hits.

Here are some of the most common winter roofing issues Buffalo homeowners may experience and how to deal with them:

Ice dams

Winter weather causes many temperature variations, which often result in the build-up of ice on warmer portions of the roof. When the water runs down the roof, the water freezes and creates an ice dam at the gutters. Ice dams can be prevented with better ventilation and insultation of your rooftop to prevent areas of your roof from becoming too warm. A professional roofing contractor can install an insultation system that regulates the temperature of your roof so that air can flow properly.

Damage from severe weather

Severe winter weather and heavy winds can cause major damage to your roof, especially for compromised rooftops that are old or in need of repair. From broken shingles to moisture into roof vents, it’s hard to predict what will happen to your roof each season. However, when severe weather strikes and affects your roof, it’s critical to promptly have repairs or replacements made so there’s no permanent damage to your roof or property.


The cold, frigid weather can sometimes come along with unwanted rodents and creatures entering your home through your roof. Squirrels, rats, and mice are just a few of the animals that may be on the hunt for a warm space, often finding small gaps or open areas of your roof to gain entry. Infestation is a common winter roofing issue for Buffalo homeowners, but it is preventable. Having a professional seal any damaged areas or entry points, as well as conduct a full roof inspection before the beginning of each winter season can help keep your roof safe from pests.  

Being aware of the above common winter roofing issues will help you preempt potential problems and keep your roof in optimal condition.

Does your Buffalo home have winter roofing issues that need attention? Get in touch with the expert roofers at AVA Roofing in Buffalo, NY and schedule an appointment with one of our roof repair contractors.