Are you interested in learning about top roofing trends? Whether you’re planning a roof replacement or building a new house, being aware of some of the latest trends can help you make the best decision for your rooftop.

As many new developments in roofing have occurred in recent years, here are some of the hottest Buffalo roofing trends for 2023:

Synthetic roofing materials

Synthetic or composite roofing materials are becoming popular for their affordability, easy installation, and ability to be customized to the specific needs of your Buffalo home. Synthetic roofing is created from a wide range of raw materials, including waste products and recycled plastic. This makes synthetic roofing a top choice for homeowners focused on eco-friendly roofing.

Lighter roofing colors

Homeowners are increasingly choosing lighter, more neutral roofing colors like muted gray, pale blue, and beige. These colors help a roof to stay cooler during the hot months which can keep energy costs down. Also, with many newly constructed homes having neutral gray siding, gray roofing with slightly lighter or darker can be aesthetically complementary.

Solar roofing

Solar roofing panels continue to be a hot trend, offering both cost-savings and environmental benefits. With many types of roofing panels available, homeowners have more options than ever to choose a solar roofing system that meets their preferences. For everything from home builds to roof replacements, solar roofs are expected to continue being one of the most appealing roofing options this year.

If you’re interested in exploring any of these roofing trends for your Buffalo home or building, get in touch with the experts at AVA Roofing and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!