shingles falling off the roof

Have you noticed your garage’s roof rapidly deteriorating? Now with the winter months upon us, it’s important not to overlook what may appear as minor issues, as seemingly small problems can lead to major repairs. Here are some signs it may be time to replace your garage’s roof ASAP:

Ripped off shingles

If your roof has asphalt shingles that have undergone damage, this is a clear indicator that some work needs to be done. Wind and other weather elements can cause shingles to partially lose their structure or completely rip off. Any missing or damaged shingles are a definite cause for concern, no matter how insignificant the problem may seem. 

Rot, mold or decay

Over time, you may experience leakage in your garage which can cause the growth of mold or rot. If you notice decay on the rafters or support beams in your garage, chances are your entire roof is at risk. It doesn’t take long for moisture to spread and cause even bigger problems, so regularly checking your garage’s roof and monitoring it will allow you to make the necessary repairs before things get out of hand.

A roof that’s over 20 years old

Putting aside visible problems, it’s best to consider the age of your roof. For example, a garage roof that’s 20-30 years old will likely be at greater risk for a garage roof replacement than one that’s only a few years old. A roof that’s 10 or less years old may only need some minimal repairs to improve its longevity, while an older garage roof may require a complete replacement. 

The most important thing you can do is not to delay in making roof repairs, as waiting can create even larger, more costly concerns in the future. Being proactive with your garage roof before winter is in full force will ultimately save you time, money and aggravation! 

Take care of your roof with AVA

If you are experiencing these issues with your garage roof, don’t hesitate to take action right away. Contact our professional contractors at AVA Roofing & Siding today!