As you consider your home improvement goals for the year, have you thought about your garage? While garages often tend to be forgotten about, they require some attention and TLC too! As a homeowner in Buffalo, a roof replacement or roofing renovation is something you may want to consider.

If you haven’t given much thought to how your garage can be better utilized and improved, here are some reasons to invest in a new garage or garage renovations this winter:

Weatherproof construction

Any home in a winter climate needs a garage that can withstand severe weather elements. Many garages in older homes unfortunately are not built to handle extreme winter conditions, which can lead to structural damage and loss of heat within the home. Constructing a new garage will ensure it can endure extreme temperatures and winter weather, including heavy snow, hail and strong winds.

Usability and comfort

If you find yourself stuck at home more during the winter months, renovating your garage can provide additional space to be used as a gym, home office or studio. By building a new garage or renovating your existing garage, proper insulation can be installed to ensure optimal comfort and usability of the space for your preferences.

Improved safety

Winter tends to be the ideal time to make improvements to your garage, as your family will be spending less time outside in the driveway during the construction process. Many garages and garage door systems now have advanced safety functions, such as infrared sensors and a “safe room” for security equipment and protection from natural disasters.

As a homeowner in Buffalo, a garage roof replacement or roofing renovation this winter can enhance the quality of your home and your life. Get in touch with AVA Roofing and learn how our expert team can construct the garage of your dreams!