With summer here, you’re probably focused on barbeques and time in the water. However, it’s also the best time to have your roof replaced, for a range of reasons. But why is it really the best time of year for this type of work in western New York?

Below are some of the reasons why residents of Buffalo should consider summertime roofing replacement services.

Why Summer is the Best Time for Roof Replacements

Let’s start by looking at the weather. Though western New York is known for its rain, summer is relatively mild in terms of precipitation. This gives roofers a clear window of dry weather where they can work on your roof without having to worry as much about moisture getting into your home’s roof decking and interior. Even if it rains, it tends to be lighter and shorter in duration, so that your project and home can be protected by a tarp or two.

The warmer weather also makes it easier to get roofing compounds to seal properly, especially if they’re asphalt based. Asphalt shingles are still one of the top choices in our region, but they seal best if they’re laid down in the heat of summer. Other compounds, such as adhesives, caulks, and similar materials, also work better when it’s warm outside.

It’s also often easier for people to get away during the summer months, allowing you to be away from home if you like when all of the noise and chaos is happening. Whether it’s a staycation with a relative or friend, or a genuine get-away-from-it-all vacation, you can avoid the most chaotic parts of your roofing replacement by being elsewhere.

By comparison, there tends to be a lot of rain in our area in the fall and spring, along with significant snowfall in the winter. Colder temperatures make materials more difficult to work with, and you may have to wait for better weather before your roof is replaced. It’s also harder to get away from your home during those times of the year, as you may worry about storms or power outages having a bigger impact on your home if you’re away.

When you have a summertime roofing replacement for your Buffalo home, you can rest assured that your roof will be solidly completed before the rainier weather of fall, not to mention winter snow. If you’re ready to get a free, no-obligation quote on your roof replacement, the experienced team at AVA Roofing is ready to help, just reach out today to get started!