A great way to invest in your Buffalo, NY home is vinyl siding installation, but like many home investments, the selection and installation process can seem a bit daunting at first. Fortunately, it’s actually fairly easy to accomplish!

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process as well as give you some tips to make the process easier:

Steps in Getting Vinyl Siding for Your Home

  1. If you have an HOA or other governing body, it’s best to start by checking if there are restrictions on colors, brands, or types of vinyl siding you can have applied to your home.
  2. With those details in mind, consider your home’s architectural style. Some siding styles would look off on a historic home, while specific colors may offset your landscaping perfectly.
  3. Visit a local vinyl siding business or check manufacturer or local company websites to see what’s available within your limitations, preferred colors, and preferred styles.
  4. Get estimates and work out financing. In some cases, it may make sense to pay through savings, while in other instances, you’ll want to get a loan or take advantage of promotional financing.
  5. Sign contracts and clean up the yard. Moving objects a minimum of 10’ away from the walls outside and removing breakables inside speeds up workflow and helps prevent accidents.
  6. Consider other locations. Many people are in their home as compressors, nail guns, and similar noisy activities take place, but some prefer renting a hotel room or office space for the duration.
  7. Go through the punch list. A punch list is a list that you develop showing issues that need to be corrected before the contract is complete, such as a section of your garage that isn’t done yet.
  8. Enjoy the beauty of your home’s new appearance! Put your breakables back on the wall, move your yard ornaments and décor back into place, and take a picture to enjoy the new appearance.

By understanding what’s involved in getting new vinyl siding for your Buffalo, NY home, you’ll be better prepared to undertake the process with as few inconveniences, accidents, or annoyances as possible. Make sure to file your contract away along with any details about warranties and similar work for future reference. Ready to learn more about vinyl siding installation services for your Buffalo, NY home? Contact AVA Roofing & Siding today!