Do you have plans to get a new roof? Whether you’re just getting started with the research process or already comparing roofing companies, understanding the importance of a roofing contract for your Buffalo home is essential for choosing the right contractor for the job.

As you review roofing contracts, here are three important things to look for:


The materials required for your roof will vary depending on the type of roof you’re having done. Your contract should state an itemized list of materials that will be used for your Buffalo home’s full roof replacement. This will make it easier for you to compare contracts between roofing companies, as well as distinguish costs between material fees and labor. If you discover that one company’s cost of materials is higher than another’s, you may opt to go with the less expensive contractor.

Duration of project

The size of your home will of course play a role in the duration of the roof replacement. However, getting an accurate timeline directly from the roofing company is important for your own planning purposes. Because most roof replacement projects can be very loud and disruptive, you’ll want to make sure there are no conflicts at your home during this time (such as out-of-town family visits or gatherings). Your roofer should be able to provide details about how long the work will be performed and when it’s expected to be done.

Payment terms

One of the biggest investments you’ll make in your Buffalo home is a full roof replacement, which is why you should be fully informed about your company’s payment terms and schedule. While you should never be required to pay the full amount up front, your roof may require a deposit or partial payment to cover roofing materials. Typically, the rest of payment is broken down by installments throughout the roofing replacement project or upon final completion. Always check your roofing contract to make sure payment terms are clearly stated.

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