Are you building a new home or making updates to your roof? If you’re in the process of renovating your Buffalo home, skylight installation that is performed by a professional contractor can be a great asset to any room.

In addition to the obvious benefits of aesthetics and natural light, here are some of the most underrated reasons to consider skylight installation:

Energy efficiency

When it comes to roofing trends, energy efficient options are all the rage – and skylights are no exception! Skylight installation can provide a great source of solar heat in the winter, reducing furnace usage. Many Buffalo homeowners with skylights set their thermostats to a lower temperature, as they provide a significant amount of natural warmth. Additionally, skylights often replace other lighting fixtures that may otherwise be in a room, resulting in electricity savings. 

Improving ventilation

With more homeowners increasingly looking for ways to circulate more fresh air in their homes, skylights can dramatically improve ventilation and create a healthier, more breathable space for you and your family. Skylights can help to remove moisture from rooms like bathrooms and kitchens in which the air can easily become trapped, causing odors and mildew to build up over time. 

Maintaining Privacy

There are many warranty options offered in the roofing industry, including manufacturer’s warranties, workmanship If you want more privacy in your home without compromising the natural light provided by windows, skylights can give you the best of both worlds. Skylights are a great addition to any room, allowing for ample natural light to come in while still making your home extremely private. From family rooms to bathrooms, skylights can be wonderful light-altering enhancements providing privacy and seclusion.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of skylights? It’s important to have a trusted and reputable roofing contractor perform the installation. AVA Roofing in Buffalo specializes in skylight installation and repair services. Contact our team of experts to learn more!