Have you recently noticed issues with your roof? While it may be tempting to get on a ladder to resolve roofing problems yourself, this is far from a good idea! There are many reasons to hire a professional roofer to assess your roof’s condition and make necessary repairs.

Here’s why using a professional roofer is critical:

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No matter how many safety precautions you may take on your own, getting on a ladder high off the ground can be extremely dangerous. An experienced roofer will be able to get on your home’s roof in the safest and most efficient way possible. And, remember, making sure your roofer is insured is also important for protecting you in the event of an accident. 

Time and Convenience. 

In many cases, roofing issues – especially if they involve water leakage of structural damage – require timely repairs. A professional roofer will be able to complete your roofing project quickly so that any problems do not get out of control. Between labor and materials, it’s much more cost-effective to enlist the expertise of a professional roofer who can get the job done in a reasonable time frame. 


Even if you consider yourself a DIY expert at home, roofing work requires a high level of expertise that not many homeowners don’t have. Hiring a professional roofer guarantees your roof will be addressed with the highest quality workmanship, no matter how big or small the project. Ensuring that repairs are done correctly will reduce the likelihood of costly problems in the future.

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Investing in a professional roofing company to install a new roof or make repairs to your existing roof will ultimately save you both time and money in the future. If you’re seeking a professional roofer, look no further than AVA Roofing and let our team assist with your home’s roofing needs!

With springtime now upon us, you may be in the market for a new home. As you look at houses, you’ll likely have a multitude of questions and concerns – one of which should involve the condition of your future house’s roof. Having full knowledge about your home’s roof before you sign on the dotted line will save you significant money and aggravation in the future, making it an essential focus during your search. As you embark on your house hunt, here are three of the most important roofing questions to ask your home or roofing inspector

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1. What is the roof’s history?

During the assessment of any roof, acquiring information about the roof’s history in terms of the age of the roof, as well as past maintenance and repairs is critical. The seller of the home is responsible for providing information related to details of the roof’s history, such as when it was replaced and the types of repairs that have been done over the years. As a future homeowner, having this information will also ensure you’re educated about roofing warranties that would be transferred to you as the new owner, as well as what repairs and issues you may encounter down the road.

2. What are the main issues with the roof (if there are any)?

Once the house’s roof is inspected, you’ll want to get clear on any roofing issues that exist. Some issues are more costly than others to resolve, which is why it’s best to get as much specific information and details as possible. For example, problems with a roof can range anywhere from structural damage and water leakage to building code violations. Depending on the severity of the issues, you have a few options as a buyer. You can accept the house “as is” in its current condition; you can lower your offer based on how much repairs will cost; you can ask the seller to rectify the roof problems at their own expense; or you can simply back out of the sale. Having an inspection of the roof done by a reputable roofing company will ensure you know exactly what needs to be addressed so you can plan for future repair costs.    

3. When will the house need a new roof?

Above all, your inspection should result in a full understanding of when you will need a new roof. With a new home being a major investment within itself, it’s in your best interest to have a sense of when and if you’ll need a new roof in the near future. One of the ways you can determine the lifespan of a roof is by the material it’s made of (most roofs typically consist of asphalt shingles, tile, slate, wood or metal material). Your inspector should be able to provide you with information about the roofing material used, as well as the roof’s lifespan, which will help you determine the potential cost and timeline of a roof replacement.

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Being proactive about asking the questions above will help you be informed about the condition of your future home’s roof so you can feel confident in your investment, and budget and plan as necessary.

Are you in the process of researching roofing companies? Before you choose a roofer, it’s important to do your due diligence and make sure the roofing company you choose is fully insured. Both big and small roofing projects always present a degree of risk and taking steps to protect yourself and your home is key. Here are the three major factors for why hiring an insured roofer is so critically important:

roofers working on a roof

Risk of roofer accident

It’s important to remember that no roofer is perfect, and mistakes happen on the job – even with the most experienced roofers! Because roofers must work on ladders, handle heavy materials and engage in risky construction-related projects, they are at a higher risk for personal injury. If a roofer gets hurt on your property, an insured roofing company will provide coverage for injuries related to the job. This protects you, as the property owner, from having to resort to your home insurance in the event a roofer gets hurt working on your roof.

Risk of homeowner or family member getting injured

In addition to the risk of a roofer getting hurt, roofing projects can also put homeowners and their family members at risk to a certain extent. For instance, a homeowner may step outside their home during a roof replacement and get struck by a shingle or other type of dangerous material falling to the ground. Using a roofing company with liability insurance that covers this type of situation will ensure you won’t be responsible for covering the medical bills should an unforeseen injury occur.  

Risk of accidental home damage

With any roofing project – from small repairs to full roofing replacements – there is always a risk of damage to your home. Between equipment and heavy materials used by roofers, your home can experience minor or major damage if a mishap or accident occurs during the project. If any form of damage to your home happens on the job, your roofer’s insurance will cover the cost of property damage.

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It may or may not surprise you that one of the biggest causes of damage to a home is roof leaks. If you’ve been experiencing leaks from your roof, there are many culprits that may be to blame. Fortunately, the sooner you spot leakage problems, the less damage they will cause to your home. Here are five of the most common causes of roof leaks – and what can be done about them:

Damaged Roof

Missing or Broken Shingles

Missing or broken shingles can be one of the most visibly obvious causes of a roof problem. Even just one shingle left unfixed can cause water leakage, especially with heavy rainfall. If you notice or suspect a broken single, be sure to have it immediately rectified so the gap in your roof doesn’t become worse.

Clogged Gutters

It’s common for many homes – especially those in rainy climates – to experience gutter backup from clogged leaves and other debris that prevent water from flowing freely off the roof. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional contractor, making sure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned every year will stop these types of leaks at their source.


Depending on their size and depth, holes in your roof can lead to potentially major leakage problems. If you’ve had a TV antenna or satellite dish removed from your roof, there’s a chance it may have left a hole which can cause water to seep into your home. After removing any form of installation on your rooftop, be sure to conduct a careful inspection for holes that need to be sealed immediately.

Broken Flashing

Metal roof flashing plays an important role in keeping your roof leakage-free, as it seals roof transitions where large amounts of water run down. When flashing seals are damaged, moisture is likely to run inside to the roof seams and cause deterioration over time. Fortunately, most flashing issues require relatively simple repairs from a contractor.

Excess Moisture   

When water can’t properly drain off your roof, it’s easy for excess moisture to build up and cause the lower parts of your roof to become overly saturated. Moisture can be caused by many types of roofing issues, such as poorly installed shingles or ice dams. If you notice any condensation in your attic, this is typically a sign you should have your roof checked sooner than later!

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Are you in the market for new windows? Deciding what type of windows to install in your home can be a major decision. There are many types of windows to consider, with one of the most popular choices being a bay window. As one of the most aesthetic window options, here are three of the main reasons to consider a bay window for your home:  

bay window

Increased home value

Because of their impressive curb appeal, bay windows instantly add value to any home. Their clean, modern appearance elevates the look and appearance of any home which can greatly benefit resale value. The grandiose visual nature of a bay window complements both interior and exterior structures, offering a timeless and elegant look for years to come.    

Ability to customize

One of the great attributes of bay windows is that they’re customizable for the homeowner. Depending on your preferred length and height, you can choose a bay window that goes well with the style of the room. A bay window also creates the illusion of more space, making rooms look larger and more expansive due to an increased sense of openness and enhanced natural light. The visual appeal of a bay window, accompanied with its practicality, make it an ideal window option for people looking for a unique addition to their home.

Better natural ventilation

Because of the large size of a bay window, it’s generally great at providing improved ventilation in your home. With the center of the window being a fixed unit, generally the two side windows of a bay window can be opened. The ability to open these side windows allows for increased air circulation in your home from two directions, rather than one. This can create a nice cross breeze, maximizing ventilation in the spring and summer months.

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These are just some of the many reasons to consider the appeal and usefulness of a bay window! If you’re thinking about adding a bay window in your home, learn how the AVA Roofing team can meet all your window installation needs.

Does your home need to withstand substantial amounts of snow for several months of the year? If so, a cold roof system may be the most durable and efficient roofing option. With a “cold roof,” air outside of your home are can freely flow under your roof’s sheathing, preventing unwanted leakage and damage. Here are three of the main reasons to consider a cold roof system:

Prevention of ice dams and leakage

With a typical “warm roof,” snow that hits the roof directly quickly begins to melt, run down the roof and freeze when it reaches the edge of the roof. When this happens repeatedly, ice dams are likely to occur which can add significant pressure to your roof’s core structure. Ice dams, also commonly referred to as icicles, can cause major damage to your shingles, as well as leaks inside your home. With a cold roof, your roof will remain a cool temperature in winter weather, preventing the freezing of snow and formation of ice.


Poor ventilation and insulation can cause severe condensation issues on your ceiling and walls, which can lead to damaged wooden fixtures or furniture, and even potential negative health effects. Excessive moisture can also lead to mold and decay, especially in areas of your home where moisture is most concentrated, including your kitchen and bathrooms. Because of how a cold roof works to prevent melting and refreezing, it can significantly reduce the incidence of humidity and moisture-related problems, reducing the likelihood of permanent damage to the interior of your home.

Easy installation

In many cases, a cold roof can be installed right over your existing roof. By stripping your roof down to its layer of plywood, your roofer will install several layers of new material, as well as an extra layer of insulation if needed. Through the cold roof system, there will be new space added between the first roof deck and the shingled roof layer, allowing air to easily come through in order to keep the top roof sheathing and shingles cold, while keeping your house warm.

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