Are you planning to give your roof a good cleaning this fall? Between constant debris and weather elements, there’s no question your roof takes a beating throughout the year. However, if you’ve thought about power washing your roof, you may want to think twice. While power washing may seem like a great idea in theory, there are many reasons to avoid this method of cleaning. Though power washing can be effective for cleaning other parts of your home, it can have long-lasting damage to your roof’s surface.

Here’s why you should avoid power washing your roof: 

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Permanent damage

Power washing is likely to strip the granules off your roof’s shingles which protect your home from rain, snow and sleet. Damage to shingles will deteriorate the integrity of your roof, causing the need for a replacement much sooner than its expected lifespan. Also, if you’re new to using a power washer, chances are you won’t know how to properly regulate the output of pressure coming from the machine. If you assert too much water pressure when spraying, your shingles can easily fall off. For older roofs in particular, power washing can especially cause severe damage. This is because your roof’s shingles have likely already experienced deterioration, making them more susceptible to further damage from the power washer. Furthermore, if you have a large amount of debris on your roof, power washing can cause unwanted moss and fungus to spread to other parts of your home’s exterior, potentially resulting in the growth of bacteria and mold.

Warranty issues

Many people don’t realize that roof warranties often exclude the use of a power washer, as it is likely to cause irreparable damage. If power washing causes permanent damage to your roof, there’s a high likelihood that your warranty will not cover the cost to fix it. If you have an extended manufacturer’s warranty, be sure to read the fine print and avoid doing anything that can potentially have a detrimental effect on your roof’s condition.

If you believe your roof needs to be cleaned, it’s always best to consult with a qualified professional who will be able to fully inspect your roof and provide the best recommendations. From there, you’ll be able to proceed with a cleaning option that will preserve your roof for years to come.

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With summer being the ideal time to make improvements to your home, there may be many types of projects you haven’t yet considered. Whether you’re looking to maintain the integrity of your roof or have been wanting to make updates to the exterior of your home, there’s a great benefit to utilizing the summer months to get these types of projects done. As you gear up for warmer weather and more time off, here are three types of home improvement projects to consider:  

Updates siding

1. Roofing repairs

While it’s certainly not the most glamorous of projects, using the summertime to complete major or minor roofing repairs can save you from a lot of aggravation and costly problems in the future. From broken or missing shingles to water leakage in your attic, there are often roofing related concerns that can arise, especially in homes 10 years or older. Enlisting a trusted roofing company to do a full inspection of any problems you may suspect will help you get a sense of what issues need to be addressed to avoid any long-term term damage to your home.

2. Updated siding

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your home’s exterior a complete facelift, look no further than updated siding! Because siding over the years can become damaged, faded and outdated looking, new siding can instantly increase your home’s curb appeal, giving it an entirely new and refreshed look. In addition to the cosmetic benefit, updated siding will serve to repair any structural damage of your existing siding that may be causing leakage or other hidden issues. Replacing your siding also presents a great opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency, as you’ll be able to add more insulation within the exterior walls of your house.

3. Garage remodeling or replacements 

Are you sick of having an old, ill-working garage that’s constantly causing problems? You may want to consider having your current garage demolished and investing in a completely new, more efficient garage. Keeping your personal needs in mind, this project will allow you to work with contractors on a new garage design that better meets your lifestyle. For instance, you may choose a garage that doubles as a guest house, workshop or mancave. Whatever you have in mind, the summer is one of the best times to make a garage remodel or replacement a reality!

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ice dam information

Did you know ice dams are one of the leading causes of interior damage to homes? The scary part about ice dams is that you often won’t notice their damage until it’s too late! Ice dams have the potential not only can harm your roof, but your gutters, paint, insulation and interior drywall.

While some ice dams are small in nature, the most damaging ones can weigh hundreds of pounds. Being proactive about preventing ice build-up is the first step to preventing ice dam problems that can cause unwanted moisture in your home, such as the growth of mold and mildew. Here are some ways you can prevent ice dams and protect your home:

Improve ventilation by closing attic bypasses.

When it comes to ice dam prevention, proper ventilation plays a major role. With most heat often being lost through your home’s ceiling into the attic, it’s important to rectify unblocked walls, gaps in drywall, and cracks of light fixtures or plumbing pipes. Taking action to prevent air leaks will allow for better insultation and reduce the likelihood of ice dams forming while reducing your heating and air conditioning bills.   

Rake snow off roof after a heavy snowfall.

After a heavy snowfall, one of your best and most simple defenses against ice dams is a long-handled snow rake. As long as you’re careful not to damage your shingles (or hurt yourself in the process), raking snow off your roof after a major snowfall will prevent ice dams from forming at their source. Although you should never climb on your roof, you may be able to chip away some ice by hand if you’re able to reach the eaves on a ladder. 

Hire a roofing professional.

Preventing and removing ice dams can be tedious and sometimes dangerous work, which is why hiring a professional is advisable in many situations. A professional roofer will be able to remove your ice dams with special equipment to safely melt ice from your roof and prevent severe damage before it becomes problematic. Your roof will also work with you on identifying and implementing long-term solutions to prevent ice dam issues in the future.

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