Are you planning to give your roof a good cleaning this fall? Between constant debris and weather elements, there’s no question your roof takes a beating throughout the year. However, if you’ve thought about power washing your roof, you may want to think twice. While power washing may seem like a great idea in theory, there are many reasons to avoid this method of cleaning. Though power washing can be effective for cleaning other parts of your home, it can have long-lasting damage to your roof’s surface.

Here’s why you should avoid power washing your roof: 

image of roof

Permanent damage

Power washing is likely to strip the granules off your roof’s shingles which protect your home from rain, snow and sleet. Damage to shingles will deteriorate the integrity of your roof, causing the need for a replacement much sooner than its expected lifespan. Also, if you’re new to using a power washer, chances are you won’t know how to properly regulate the output of pressure coming from the machine. If you assert too much water pressure when spraying, your shingles can easily fall off. For older roofs in particular, power washing can especially cause severe damage. This is because your roof’s shingles have likely already experienced deterioration, making them more susceptible to further damage from the power washer. Furthermore, if you have a large amount of debris on your roof, power washing can cause unwanted moss and fungus to spread to other parts of your home’s exterior, potentially resulting in the growth of bacteria and mold.

Warranty issues

Many people don’t realize that roof warranties often exclude the use of a power washer, as it is likely to cause irreparable damage. If power washing causes permanent damage to your roof, there’s a high likelihood that your warranty will not cover the cost to fix it. If you have an extended manufacturer’s warranty, be sure to read the fine print and avoid doing anything that can potentially have a detrimental effect on your roof’s condition.

If you believe your roof needs to be cleaned, it’s always best to consult with a qualified professional who will be able to fully inspect your roof and provide the best recommendations. From there, you’ll be able to proceed with a cleaning option that will preserve your roof for years to come.

Let AVA Handle Your Roofing Needs

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If you’re like many homeowners across the country, you may be getting ready to have your roof replaced this summer. While a roof placement can be exciting, it’s critical to take some special precautions to ensure your family’s safety and protect your home from construction-related damage. Here are three preliminary steps to take in the days leading up to your roof replacement:

Summer Roof Replacement

1. Clear your home’s surroundings.

A roof replacement results in a huge amount of debris, old shingles and other fallen material that could cause severe damage to unprotected parts of your property. Before construction begins, it’s important to spend time completely clearing your home’s surroundings, including moving vehicles a safe distance from the worksite; clearing out your yard and patio areas (moving furniture, toys, potted plants, bikes, and the like); and removing any satellite dishes and/or antennas from your roof.

2. Protect your attic.

It may not seem obvious, but your attic will be the part of your home that’s most exposed during a roof replacement, with lots of dust and debris gathering in your attic spaces during your roof’s installation. If you have lots of personal items in your attic, be sure to cover them with old sheets or drop clothes until the replacement is finished. You should also remove any fragile or valuable items that could be damaged by pounding vibrations from the construction. 

3. Take precaution with children and pets.

Any roof replacement requires a significant amount of construction at your home, making it critical that you take extra precaution to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Before construction begins, make sure your children are aware of their surroundings and understand the importance of staying a safe distance away from dangerous work zone areas. Depending on the situation, you may even consider relocating any young children or pets to a family member or neighbor’s home while your roof is under construction.   

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Above all, it’s paramount to use an experienced roofing company to do your roof replacement. If you’re planning on getting your roof replaced this summer, get in touch with AVA Roofing and let us walk you through the process!