Have you noticed deterioration of a skylight window in your Buffalo home recently? Home skylight maintenance is an important thing to consider, and while a damaged skylight may seem insignificant, addressing it sooner than later can prevent a larger problem down the road for both your roof and home’s structural integrity.

Here are some of the main reasons why skylight maintenance and repairs are so important:

Eliminating leakage

If there’s been any water dripping from a skylight, there may be an issue with the skylight’s seal. Other signs of leakage include discoloration on walls, peeling paint or wallpaper, or musty smells, which may indicate leakage repairs to your skylight are needed. When a skylight seal has failed, typically a full skylight replacement will be needed. However, sometimes timely minor repairs can prevent the need for a completely new window.

Temperature control

If a skylight is compromised, its insulation is likely affected which can alter the temperature of your home. Repairing gaps in your skylight’s seal will not only help maintain control of the temperature in your home, but allow for better energy savings and comfort. 

Added value to your home

As a Buffalo homeowner, skylight and roof maintenance is critical to the value of your home. Whether you’re planning to sell your house now or at some point in the future, properly functioning skylights play a role in any successful home inspection. In general, if you’re in need of a full roof replacement, it’s recommended to have new skylights installed during the roofing process. 

Proactively maintaining your skylights will ensure an extended lifespan of the windows while helping you avoid major issues that can negatively affect your roof or home. If you’re looking for a qualified and insured roofing company to perform an inspection of your skylights who can provide any necessary replacement and repair services, get in touch with AVA Roofing in Buffalo, Western New York’s premiere roofing company.

When is the last time you’ve had your roof inspected? If it’s been years since you’ve had a professional evaluate the condition of your Buffalo home’s roof, you may want to consider having a roof inspection this summer. From future cost savings to extended lifespan of your roof, regular roof inspections can play a major role in maintaining the quality and integrity of your Buffalo home.

Here are some of the most important reasons to have your roof regularly inspected:

Damage prevention

With many roofs experiencing different degrees of weathering and aging over time, a roofing inspection can assess what elements of your roof are in need of repair to prevent further damage. Fixing issues like broken shingles or leaks before they become more problematic will ensure a longer lifespan for your roof while keeping your home’s structural integrity intact. Early damage prevention can reduce significant costs in the future related to repairs or even a full replacement.

Leak assessment

With leakage being one of the most prevalent sources of damage to a roof, an inspection will identify sources of leaks that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Leaks, often caused by rotting wood, mold or corrosion, can result in holes that cause your roof to deteriorate. Having these issues identified during a leak assessment will allow you to prevent water damage to your Buffalo home before it becomes overly problematic. 

Roof cleaning

In many cases, a roof inspection will reveal areas of your roof that need to be cleaned. Many weather elements can lead to eventual roof damage, such as moisture build-up, separation of shingles, or shingle damage. These issues may not just be detrimental to your roof itself, but can cause moisture and mold to seep into your home. Your roofer will be able to determine what needs to be cleaned so your roof’s structure and home at large are not compromised.

Routine roof inspections should typically be performed once a year. However, it’s also a good idea to have your roof inspected after a strong wind or rain storm that can cause missing shingles or the formation of heavy debris on your rooftop. 

If you have questions about the roof inspection process or would like to schedule an inspection, get in touch with AVA Roofing in Buffalo, Western New York’s premier roofing company.