Are you considering skylights for your new home? Unfortunately, skylights have gotten a bad reputation in the building industry, resulting in many people being skeptical about putting them on their homes. However, problems and issues that commonly occur with skylights can easily be avoided with the right roofing protocols.

Here are three of the most common myths surrounding skylights – and the truth behind them:

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All skylights leak.

While skylight leakage is a well-known problem, this issue can be prevented by making sure skylights and roofing materials are properly installed and functional. If a skylight is leaking, roofing materials must be correctly nailed down so that shingles are firmly in place around the skylight. The seal between your roof and skylight should also be checked to ensure there are no signs of damage to the roof that would allow water to get trapped and cause leaks. If you’re building a home with skylights, hiring a reputable roofer is key to guaranteeing proper installation.

Skylights require ongoing maintenance.  

If the thought of constant maintenance is turning you off from skylights, you should know that having regular roof inspections can help to identify skylight repairs before they become larger, more costly problems. Furthermore, the type of glass that’s used for your skylights can often determine their longevity and ability to withstand damage. Be sure to ask your roofer about a high-quality glass that will allow water and debris to easily disperse off the surface of the skylights, reducing the need for constant cleaning.   

Skylights can overheat your home.

While skylights can provide significant sunlight, the idea that they can overheat your home is a bit of an exaggeration. How much heat skylights emit depends on many factors, including where they are placed on your home and the type of insulation of your windows. Additionally, the time of year can also make a difference, as there’s much more direct sunlight (and hours of sun) during the summer than the winter. Based on your individual home and climate, it’s best to consider all these factors.

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Most people know that mold anywhere in or around their house can be harmful; however, mold on a rooftop can especially present some unforeseen issues. It’s common for mold to develop on roofs, especially under climate conditions that cause a high degree of moisture. Potential signs of mold on your roof typically include leakage, damage to your roof’s structure, nasty odors in your home, or visible mold already inside your home. Unfortunately, failing to address mold on your roof can have long-lasting ramifications on the quality and integrity of your house, costing you thousands of dollars in removal costs.

If you suspect any mold on your roof, here are some of the most important reasons to have it removed immediately:

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Mold can spread to other parts of your home 

Mold on your rooftop can turn into your worst nightmare, as it can easily spread to other parts of your home if left untreated. Whether it washes down from your roof shingles or gets stuck in the cracks, mold can penetrate many types of roofing materials while making its way indoors. Once mold enters your home, it can cause a variety of health-related issues – including dizziness, headaches, and memory less, among many more severe conditions. Additionally, mold can cause major damage to the interior of your home, potentially causing the collapse of ceilings, caving in of floorboards and the breakdown of walls.  

Mold can attract rodents

One of the most overlooked issues of mold is that it can attract rodents both outside and inside your home. Because of its damp and soft consistency, mice, rats, and squirrels often chew on roofing materials covered in mold which can cause more additional damage to your roof. Often rodents will create nests on your roof or end up finding ways to get into your attic. Having rodents anywhere around or inside your home can compound mold issues, resulting in an entirely new set of problems.

Mold can result in the need for a full roof replacement. 

In the worst-case scenario, unattended mold on your roof can become completely irreparable. If the mold has caused permanent damage to your roof’s framing, sheathing or structure, it’s likely that you’ll need to have a full roof tear-off to remove the mold and stop contamination. By taking steps to remediate the situation at the first sight of mold, you can prevent interior spread and reduce the need for extensive removal or structural repairs.      

In addition to the simple fact that mold is unsightly, it can have devastating effects on both the outside and inside of your home. Addressing mold issues before they get out of hand will be critical to protecting your roof and ensuring no further damage is done in the future.  

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If you’re in need of a new roof, chances are you’ve put this off for some time. While it might not be the most exciting project on your to-do list, investing in a new roof will play a key role in maintaining the value of your home and preventing irreversible damage to your property in the coming years.

Here are three reasons to consider having your roof replacement done this summer:

1. More time and flexibility

Because a roof replacement is a major home project, it’s best to move forward with it during a time when you and your family have a more flexible schedule. If you have small children, making their safety a top priority will ensure they don’t get hurt during the roofing installation. During the laid-back days of summer, it’s often easier to make arrangements for your children to stay somewhere away from the home, such as a neighbor or grandparent’s house. Or, you may opt to take a family vacation while your roof is being installed so you don’t have to experience any disruption or noise!

2. Improved energy efficiency

What many people don’t realize is that a new roof can do wonders for energy savings! With the summer months bringing along hefty air cooling costs, investing in an energy efficient roof can combat high energy bills and improve your home’s insultation. There are many energy efficient roofing materials to choose from, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, and tile roofing. As you pick out your new roof, opting for a lighter color or more reflective roofing material can help to significantly cut home energy consumption and put more money back in your wallet.

3. Efficient installation

Due to less precipitation, the summer season typically presents the best time for the most efficient roof installation possible. Rainy days can often slow down the installation process, so choosing the month of July or August for your replacement will almost always be in your favor. Additionally, it’s in your best interest to get your roof replaced when there’s a reduced likelihood of damaging storms that could potentially derail the installation process or cause damage to your home!

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Do you have plans to sell your house at some point in the future? As you get ready to put your home on the market, it’s essential to take the quality of your roof into consideration and evaluate the need for a roof replacement or any repairs. Roof maintenance is heavily tied to a home’s value; therefore, investing in your roof will ultimately help you acquire the most equity within your home.

Here are two of the main reasons to keep your roof in top shape, especially if you’re planning to sell:

Roof Maintenance

Preventing costly damages within your home

Making sure your roof remains in good condition is essential not only for preventing roof damage, but for preventing other major problems from occurring in your home – such as water leakage, attic or ceiling damage, poor insulation, interior mold, and rodent infestation, among many others. These issues can wreak havoc on your house and are likely to require an entirely different set of services beyond the scope of standard roofing repairs. Being proactive with maintaining your roof is critical for avoiding a multitude of other costly repairs that could potentially lower the value of your home even more than a damaged roof itself!  

Increasing buyer appeal

In many ways, investing in your roof will make your home more marketable when you choose to sell. Realtors often promote a new or highly maintained roof as a major selling point to prospective buyers, presenting it as a major asset to the long-term value of the home. Buyers tend to be more attracted to houses in which they will not have to worry about any costly roofing repairs in the foreseeable future. It’s common for buyers to opt for a house with a newer roof when comparing to similar houses on the market with roofs in far less condition.

No matter what, your roof will always play a role in your home’s equity. Taking the necessary precautions to fully maintain your roof – whether through major or minor repairs – will always be beneficial to the long-term value of your home.   

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Often the treacherous winter months can wreak havoc on your roof, resulting in the need for both minor and major repairs. From broken shingles to leakage issues, you may find yourself facing a variety of roofing challenges, depending on the type of damage that ensued from this year’s winter weather conditions. Spring is often the ideal time of year to rectify issues that may have occurred throughout the winter. Here are some basic steps to take this spring for getting your roof into top shape: 

roof repair

Clean your gutters.

As one of the hallmark springtime chores, an annual gutter cleaning is always essential – especially after your roof endures heavy amounts of precipitation and hail. Whether you clean your gutters yourself or hire a professional to do it, clearing out unwanted debris will allow for proper drainage on your roof, as well as prevent mold growth and pest infestations. Most importantly, keeping up with gutter cleaning will ensure your roof can continue to function so that water can drain properly without affecting your roof’s structure.   

Review your warranty and homeowner’s insurance policy.

Whether or not you have to make any roofing repairs, it’s always a good idea to refresh yourself on your current roofing warranty and homeowner’s insurance policy. Knowing what your roofing warranty covers – and what it doesn’t – will help you determine how much money you may have to save in the event of major roof damage. Furthermore, it’s important to be informed of your homeowner’s insurance policy and whether it covers roof damage, especially if you live in an area with severe storms and unpredictable weather conditions. Using the springtime to educate yourself about what your policy covers will help you budget for roofing repairs accordingly this spring.

Consider a full roof replacement.

Depending on the age of your home and roof, it may be time to consider getting a full roof replacement. Typically, a roof that’s 20 years or older is likely in need of a full replacement, as shingles often start to deteriorate over the course of this lifespan. If your roof is in poor condition, it will ultimately result in major leakage issues that can cause significant harm to your home’s exterior and interior. Therefore, while a full roof replacement will cost substantially more than minor repairs, it will protect your home’s value and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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Taking the steps about this spring will set your roof up for another successful year, and most importantly, help to prevent irreversible damage to your home. Now that the winter months are over, is your roof in need of some TLC? From minor repairs to full roof replacements, learn how AVA Roofing can address all your spring roofing needs!

Looking to get a new roof? Before you move forward with a roofer, it’s essential to inquire about the company’s warranty options. What’s important to understand is that not all warranties are created equal. Knowing what warranty comes with your new roof – and being aware of the fine print – can save you a lot of money and aggravation in the future. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you compare roofing companies:

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Different types of warranties

The most common type of warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty which is essentially a roof shingle warranty. These standard warranties last approximately 20 years and provide protection for shingles that become damaged before their expected lifespan is over. With shingle warranties, damages are typically only covered for roofs that have been regularly maintained. Beyond the manufacturer’s warranty are other types of warranties, including workmanship warranties, full system warranties and roofing labor warranties. All these types of warranties vary in terms of their duration of coverage, as well as offer different terms depending on the company. Asking roofers about their warranty options will help you make the best choice for your home and financial situation. 

Warranty reliability

Unfortunately, there are many roofing companies offering long-term warranties, only to close their doors a couple years later. As you choose a roofer, be sure to research how long the company has been in business. Most roofing companies that have been in business for at least 10 years are generally reliable in terms of warranty coverage. You can also compare roofing companies by checking out online reviews and getting local referrals.

Roofing warranties for new homes

If you’re in the midst of getting a roof for a new home, the warranty protocols tend to be a bit different. In many cases, a builder warranty is offered through the home builder used. For a new house, most issues with a roof will be considered structural problems which are often covered for about 10-year period to rectify any major problems or irregularities. If a builder refuses to offer a warranty, you can consider purchasing a warranty through an independent company to guarantee coverage.

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Are you in the process of researching roofing companies? Before you choose a roofer, it’s important to do your due diligence and make sure the roofing company you choose is fully insured. Both big and small roofing projects always present a degree of risk and taking steps to protect yourself and your home is key. Here are the three major factors for why hiring an insured roofer is so critically important:

roofers working on a roof

Risk of roofer accident

It’s important to remember that no roofer is perfect, and mistakes happen on the job – even with the most experienced roofers! Because roofers must work on ladders, handle heavy materials and engage in risky construction-related projects, they are at a higher risk for personal injury. If a roofer gets hurt on your property, an insured roofing company will provide coverage for injuries related to the job. This protects you, as the property owner, from having to resort to your home insurance in the event a roofer gets hurt working on your roof.

Risk of homeowner or family member getting injured

In addition to the risk of a roofer getting hurt, roofing projects can also put homeowners and their family members at risk to a certain extent. For instance, a homeowner may step outside their home during a roof replacement and get struck by a shingle or other type of dangerous material falling to the ground. Using a roofing company with liability insurance that covers this type of situation will ensure you won’t be responsible for covering the medical bills should an unforeseen injury occur.  

Risk of accidental home damage

With any roofing project – from small repairs to full roofing replacements – there is always a risk of damage to your home. Between equipment and heavy materials used by roofers, your home can experience minor or major damage if a mishap or accident occurs during the project. If any form of damage to your home happens on the job, your roofer’s insurance will cover the cost of property damage.

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Getting ready for a new roof? It’s important to be informed about what type of roof aligns best with your preferences and long-term goals. The “go green” movement shows no signs of slowing down, and the roofing industry is no exception! As a follow-up to our first blog post about this topic, here’s our second round of environmentally friendly roofing options:  

Wood roofs

While not as popular as they were years ago, wood shingles are considered one of the most traditional and environmentally friendly types of roofs. They are relatively durable (lasting about 15-20 years) and are arguably the “greenest” roofing options, as wood shingles can be recycled long after the life of the roof. Wood shingles offer a very classic and artistic look to any house, free of rust and providing top notch insulation.

Solar roofs

With “solar” being the most recent wave in home construction, solar shingles generate direct current (DV) power which is converted to alternating (AC) power. Depending on the roof span, the capacity of your home’s solar photovoltaic (PV) system would be based on your annual electricity usage and how much you’d like to offset utility-provided power with solar power. From a durability standpoint, solar shingles are strong enough to be used as primary roofing material or can replace conventional shingles in different areas of the roof.

“Cool” roofs

As one of the newest trends in roofing, the “cool” roofing system is designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a traditional roof. With a focus on conserving energy, a cool roof can greatly reduce the amount of heat that enters a home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cool roofs can help to significantly reduce energy bills, create better comfort for non-airconditioned spaces (like garages or patios) and decrease the temperature of the roof itself, which can potentially extend the life of the roof).

Find The Roofing Option That Works for You

Now, more than ever before, there are countless types of roofs to consider for your home. Being open-minded and educating yourself about your options is key to choosing a roof you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

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