Have you ever had to deal with a roofing leak in your Buffalo home? If not, consider yourself lucky! Even the most well-maintained roofs can experience leaks from time to time. As a homeowner, being aware of the most common signs of a roofing leak can help you prevent some potentially serious and costly damage. Most importantly, you’ll be able to better maintain your roof and quality of your home at large.

Check out these three common signs of a roofing leak:

Mold on the walls or ceiling

Any mold on an exterior wall or ceiling is a telltale sign that a roofing leak may be to blame. Because mold often grows when moisture cannot escape, often roofing leaks cause its formation. For the issue of mold to be rectified, the roofing leak must first be addressed and permanently remedied.

Dirty or clogged soffits

When soffits become dirty or clogged with debris or pollutants, they prevent airflow from circulating properly into your attic. This can result in the build-up of moisture on your roof that causes damage and deterioration. In general, it’s best to have your soffits cleaned every year along with your gutters.

Damaged shingles

Broken, damaged, or missing shingles can easily cause water to leak through your roof. Even seemingly minor cracks can create leaks over time, resulting in leaks that start small and increase over time. Any indication of damaged shingles on your roof should be investigated immediately to prevent leaks.

There are many causes of roofing leaks, all varying in severity. While there are several culprits of leaks, these are some of the most common we often come across. If you suspect a roofing leak at your house, get in touch with the roofing experts at AVA Roofing In Buffalo, NY. From roofing leak detection to repair services, our professionals can help you deal with leaks before they become a larger problem. Schedule an appointment today!