Are you considering skylights for your new home? Unfortunately, skylights have gotten a bad reputation in the building industry, resulting in many people being skeptical about putting them on their homes. However, problems and issues that commonly occur with skylights can easily be avoided with the right roofing protocols.

Here are three of the most common myths surrounding skylights – and the truth behind them:

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All skylights leak.

While skylight leakage is a well-known problem, this issue can be prevented by making sure skylights and roofing materials are properly installed and functional. If a skylight is leaking, roofing materials must be correctly nailed down so that shingles are firmly in place around the skylight. The seal between your roof and skylight should also be checked to ensure there are no signs of damage to the roof that would allow water to get trapped and cause leaks. If you’re building a home with skylights, hiring a reputable roofer is key to guaranteeing proper installation.

Skylights require ongoing maintenance.  

If the thought of constant maintenance is turning you off from skylights, you should know that having regular roof inspections can help to identify skylight repairs before they become larger, more costly problems. Furthermore, the type of glass that’s used for your skylights can often determine their longevity and ability to withstand damage. Be sure to ask your roofer about a high-quality glass that will allow water and debris to easily disperse off the surface of the skylights, reducing the need for constant cleaning.   

Skylights can overheat your home.

While skylights can provide significant sunlight, the idea that they can overheat your home is a bit of an exaggeration. How much heat skylights emit depends on many factors, including where they are placed on your home and the type of insulation of your windows. Additionally, the time of year can also make a difference, as there’s much more direct sunlight (and hours of sun) during the summer than the winter. Based on your individual home and climate, it’s best to consider all these factors.

Add to Your Roof’s Aesthetic with AVA

Enhancing your roof’s aesthetic appeal, skylights can be a beautiful asset to any home. Contact the roofing experts at AVA Roofing and learn about the many skylight options available.

Most people know that mold anywhere in or around their house can be harmful; however, mold on a rooftop can especially present some unforeseen issues. It’s common for mold to develop on roofs, especially under climate conditions that cause a high degree of moisture. Potential signs of mold on your roof typically include leakage, damage to your roof’s structure, nasty odors in your home, or visible mold already inside your home. Unfortunately, failing to address mold on your roof can have long-lasting ramifications on the quality and integrity of your house, costing you thousands of dollars in removal costs.

If you suspect any mold on your roof, here are some of the most important reasons to have it removed immediately:

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Mold can spread to other parts of your home 

Mold on your rooftop can turn into your worst nightmare, as it can easily spread to other parts of your home if left untreated. Whether it washes down from your roof shingles or gets stuck in the cracks, mold can penetrate many types of roofing materials while making its way indoors. Once mold enters your home, it can cause a variety of health-related issues – including dizziness, headaches, and memory less, among many more severe conditions. Additionally, mold can cause major damage to the interior of your home, potentially causing the collapse of ceilings, caving in of floorboards and the breakdown of walls.  

Mold can attract rodents

One of the most overlooked issues of mold is that it can attract rodents both outside and inside your home. Because of its damp and soft consistency, mice, rats, and squirrels often chew on roofing materials covered in mold which can cause more additional damage to your roof. Often rodents will create nests on your roof or end up finding ways to get into your attic. Having rodents anywhere around or inside your home can compound mold issues, resulting in an entirely new set of problems.

Mold can result in the need for a full roof replacement. 

In the worst-case scenario, unattended mold on your roof can become completely irreparable. If the mold has caused permanent damage to your roof’s framing, sheathing or structure, it’s likely that you’ll need to have a full roof tear-off to remove the mold and stop contamination. By taking steps to remediate the situation at the first sight of mold, you can prevent interior spread and reduce the need for extensive removal or structural repairs.      

In addition to the simple fact that mold is unsightly, it can have devastating effects on both the outside and inside of your home. Addressing mold issues before they get out of hand will be critical to protecting your roof and ensuring no further damage is done in the future.  

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