Does your roof need some TLC? If you’ve been putting off having roofing repairs or a full roof replacement for your Buffalo home, having these issues rectified in the autumn will save your roof from damage when cold weather hits.

If you’re still hesitant to spend money on your roof, here’s why moving forward in the fall is in your best interest:

Favorable weather conditions

With the fall generally being free of severe storms and winds, this time of year provides the ideal opportunity for roofing repair or replacement for your Buffalo home without additional mishaps caused by inclement weather conditions. The pleasant moderate temperatures during the fall allow for proper thermal sealing of shingles, giving them enough time to bond to the roof’s structure before winter.

Improved energy efficiency

Getting your roof in top condition before winter can help you save on heating costs, ensuring your home retains heat when frigid temperatures hit. Having insulation issues rectified, such as attic problems, ice dams, and roofing deterioration, are critical for proper ventilation within your home.

Better pest control

It may not be at the top of your to-do list but including roofing repairs (or a full replacement if needed) in your fall plans can get your home ready for winter and allow minor or major issues to be addressed before they become more problematic. 

Having your roof repaired or replaced in the fall can be very helpful for better pest control, especially if you’ve encountered these issues in the past. Because many rodents often seek warm, dry places in the winter, fixing or replacing your roof will prevent pests from entering your house in the coming months. Addressing cracks or holes will keep your roof sealed and safe from unwanted creatures when the weather turns. 

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Have you heard about tear-off and overlay roof replacements, but are unsure of what makes them different? If your Buffalo home is in need of a new roof, it’s best to start educating yourself about what’s entailed with both types of installation. Learning about both options is the first step to getting your new roof underway.

Here’s a quick breakdown of tear-off vs. overlay roof replacements to help you make the best decision for your Buffalo home:

Tear-off method

The tear-off method literally involves a complete “tear off” of the existing roof and the installation of a completely new roof in its place. There are many benefits of a tear-off roof, which essentially constitutes as a full replacement of the roof’s structure. The result of this method is a completely new rooftop free of any cracks, holes, or damage. Tear-off roof replacements are of superior quality and tend to have a longer lifespan than overlay roof replacements. The main downfall of a tear-off roof is its hefty cost, which is notably higher than overlay replacements.  

Overlay method

The overlay method involves keeping the existing rooftop and installing shingles on top of it. This option can only be considered if the roof has not already been overlaid in the past. The benefits of an overlay are primarily that it’s far less expensive than tear-off roofs and require much less installation time. Some cons of overlay roofs include reduced longevity, added weight to the home’s structure, and negative impact (potentially) on home’s resale value.

As you can see, there are pros and cons to both tear-off and overlay roof replacements. Understanding the differences will allow you to make the best decision for your roof, based on a variety of factors – including the age of your home, budget, and long-term selling goals. For more information about tear-off and overlay roof replacement services, contact AVA Roofing in Buffalo directly at (716) 343-7663.