Are you in the market for a new roof? If you’re considering different roofing options, you may be surprised to learn about many of the latest trends taking place in the roofing world. From solar roofing to different colored roofing materials, there’s truly something for everyone.

As you research your options, here are some of the most current roofing trends of 2020: 

light colored roof

Solar Roofing

Whether you’re committed to helping the environment or simply want to save on energy costs, solar roofing panels are a great option for any homeowner looking for a new and improved roofing system. In addition to being modern and sleek in appearance, solar panels are energy efficient and can save you a significant amount of money over a lifetime. Solar panels also extend the life of a roof, serving as a protectant from the elements of rain, sleet and snow.

Lighter Colors

While darker roofs used to be most prevalent, many homeowners are opting for lighter color roofs instead of dark gray and black shingles. There are many lighter roofing colors rising in popularity, such as soft blues, taupe and off white. Many people choose a color that complements the style of their home’s exterior. Another benefit to a lighter roofing color is that it keeps your home cooler by reflecting the sun’s UV rays, absorbing less heat during the warmest hours of the day. 

Silicone Roof Coatings

In terms of roofing materials, silicone roof coatings have become more appealing for many reasons. As a coating applied directly over an existing roof system, silicone is applied directly over an existing roof, eliminating the need to remove the old roof. A silicone coating can also be helpful in extending the life of a current roof, protecting it from the elements. Furthermore, because of its quick and easy installation, silicone roofing requires far less labor and time than other materials.

Ready to Update Your Roof?

Being aware of the trends above will help you make the best roofing decisions for your home. Whether it be a full roof replacement or some updates or repairs, there are a multitude of roofing options that can improve your home.  Are you ready to update your roof? Get in touch with AVA Roofing and let us walk you through the options!

Are you in the process of researching roofing companies? Before you choose a roofer, it’s important to do your due diligence and make sure the roofing company you choose is fully insured. Both big and small roofing projects always present a degree of risk and taking steps to protect yourself and your home is key. Here are the three major factors for why hiring an insured roofer is so critically important:

roofers working on a roof

Risk of roofer accident

It’s important to remember that no roofer is perfect, and mistakes happen on the job – even with the most experienced roofers! Because roofers must work on ladders, handle heavy materials and engage in risky construction-related projects, they are at a higher risk for personal injury. If a roofer gets hurt on your property, an insured roofing company will provide coverage for injuries related to the job. This protects you, as the property owner, from having to resort to your home insurance in the event a roofer gets hurt working on your roof.

Risk of homeowner or family member getting injured

In addition to the risk of a roofer getting hurt, roofing projects can also put homeowners and their family members at risk to a certain extent. For instance, a homeowner may step outside their home during a roof replacement and get struck by a shingle or other type of dangerous material falling to the ground. Using a roofing company with liability insurance that covers this type of situation will ensure you won’t be responsible for covering the medical bills should an unforeseen injury occur.  

Risk of accidental home damage

With any roofing project – from small repairs to full roofing replacements – there is always a risk of damage to your home. Between equipment and heavy materials used by roofers, your home can experience minor or major damage if a mishap or accident occurs during the project. If any form of damage to your home happens on the job, your roofer’s insurance will cover the cost of property damage.

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It may or may not surprise you that one of the biggest causes of damage to a home is roof leaks. If you’ve been experiencing leaks from your roof, there are many culprits that may be to blame. Fortunately, the sooner you spot leakage problems, the less damage they will cause to your home. Here are five of the most common causes of roof leaks – and what can be done about them:

Damaged Roof

Missing or Broken Shingles

Missing or broken shingles can be one of the most visibly obvious causes of a roof problem. Even just one shingle left unfixed can cause water leakage, especially with heavy rainfall. If you notice or suspect a broken single, be sure to have it immediately rectified so the gap in your roof doesn’t become worse.

Clogged Gutters

It’s common for many homes – especially those in rainy climates – to experience gutter backup from clogged leaves and other debris that prevent water from flowing freely off the roof. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional contractor, making sure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned every year will stop these types of leaks at their source.


Depending on their size and depth, holes in your roof can lead to potentially major leakage problems. If you’ve had a TV antenna or satellite dish removed from your roof, there’s a chance it may have left a hole which can cause water to seep into your home. After removing any form of installation on your rooftop, be sure to conduct a careful inspection for holes that need to be sealed immediately.

Broken Flashing

Metal roof flashing plays an important role in keeping your roof leakage-free, as it seals roof transitions where large amounts of water run down. When flashing seals are damaged, moisture is likely to run inside to the roof seams and cause deterioration over time. Fortunately, most flashing issues require relatively simple repairs from a contractor.

Excess Moisture   

When water can’t properly drain off your roof, it’s easy for excess moisture to build up and cause the lower parts of your roof to become overly saturated. Moisture can be caused by many types of roofing issues, such as poorly installed shingles or ice dams. If you notice any condensation in your attic, this is typically a sign you should have your roof checked sooner than later!

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