With summer well underway, it’s a good idea to consider how you can keep your roof in top shape before the harsh cold weather returns. As a Buffalo homeowner, roof maintenance is important to consider in the summer months. There are fortunately many easy and affordable ways to maintain your roof and prevent future concerns.

Here are some key maintenance tips to follow:

Trim overhanging tree branches

If you’ve never considered the role of landscaping in roof maintenance for your Buffalo home, you may be surprised to learn the importance of tree trimming in protecting your roof. Overhanging tree limbs can cause significant damage to your roof in the event of a major summer storm, potentially resulting in broken shingles, tiles, and even shattered skylights. Trimming tree branches will also help to keep your gutters free of leaves and branches, allowing the water on your roof to drain correctly and stay free of clogs.

Inspect your roof for moss, mold, and algae

In addition to causing an unsightly appearance on your roof, unwanted debris like mold and algae can wreak havoc on your roof’s structure. In severe cases, moss will hold on to water and cause a build-up of moisture that can result in rotting on your roof. Mold or algae, which is less abrasive to the roof, can be pressure-washed off your rooftop for permanent removal. To ensure pressure washing doesn’t cause damage to your roof’s structure, using a professional washing service is generally the best option.

Perform a basic inspection

Making a habit of regularly inspecting your roof can help you identify issues with your roof before they become costly, aggravating problems. From missing shingles to overall wear and tear, being aware of your roof’s condition – and seeking the right professional to assist if needed – will be instrumental to roof maintenance, especially if you have an older home. And, when in doubt, it’s best to call a professional roofer for a complete inspection of your roof’s condition. An experienced roofing pro will be able to determine any minor or major issues that may be lurking and make the best recommendations.

Are you in need of a professional roofing inspection? The trusted and reliable team at AVA Roofing in Buffalo can help. From roof maintenance to repairs, or full roof replacements, AVA Roofing can address all your roofing concerns this summer. Contact us directly at (716) 343-7663 to learn more!

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  1. It’s great that you explained how roof inspection experts can help you find any issues that may be lurking under your nose the entire time. One thing I really want to make sure of when our summer vacation starts is that we won’t have to worry about any kind of repair or renovation job needed in the middle of our relaxation. I’ll make sure to do this by hiring a roofing inspector right away and have them stop over.

  2. I appreciated it when you shared that it is great to make a habit of regularly inspecting your roof so you can identify issues before they become costly. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is worried about her roof since it has been leaking for days due to extreme weather conditions. I will suggest to her hiring a reliable service that can help with the issue.

  3. It’s great that this article talked that the debris on your roof could be the cause of problems, you should remove it. My father informed me the other day that he was planning to have their roof repaired because of leaks and clogging, and he asked me if I had any idea what would be the best option to fix it. I appreciate this instructive article, I’ll tell him that he can consult a trusted roofing service as they can help him provide helpful details that will prevent roof issues.

  4. My sister’s roof is already cracked due to a lack of protection, which is why I’m thinking of having a siding installed in it. Well, I also agree with you that regular maintenance is a must. Thank you for sharing the importance of opting for an experienced contractor.

  5. Recently, my parents mentioned they want to sell their home this year and buy a lake home with the money. It’s great that you talked about the importance of inspecting your roof to identify issues before they turn into costly problems, so I’ll make sure that my mom and dad get your advice now. I appreciate your tips about roof maintenance for old houses.

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