Have you been so focused on your roof over the years that you’ve forgotten about your skylights? Your skylights are an important component of your roof, and in some ways, require just as much maintenance and oversight.

These are three of the most common signs you need a skylight replacement for your Buffalo home:

Leakage or cracks

Any form of leaking, condensation, or cracking is a telltale sign that a new skylight is likely needed. Typically, these issues tend to worsen over time, causing heat to escape and potentially weaken your roof’s structure. Often skylights with leaks and cracks have broken glass or rusted flashing that is causing the skylight to let in moisture.

Roofing problems

If you’re experiencing problems with your roof, it’s safe to say your skylights are being affected as well. Any form of water pressure or damage on your rooftop can cause your skylights to endure leaks and cracks. Roofing problems – no matter how big or small they seem – are a reason to have your skylight fully inspected for either minor or major concerns.

Expired past its lifespan

Most skylights have lifespans of no more than 10-15 years; however, many homeowners fail to replace them until long after this timeframe. If your skylight has well exceeded its expiration date, it’s a good idea to consider having a roofing professional inspect it and provide a recommendation for possible removal. Even if your old skylight does not appear to have any obvious defects or malfunctioning, it’s likely to sustain damage in the near future.

There are many reasons why you may need to remove a skylight and have it replaced. Regularly monitoring your skylights for issues is the best way to identify any problems and prevent long-term damage to your roof!

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