Almost nobody wants to deal with mold in or around their homes, but sadly, mold growth can affect many homeowners. In addition to wreaking havoc on your roof, an infestation of mold within areas of your home can affect your family’s health over time. It may surprise you to learn that the source of mold may be an undetected roofing issue.

Here are some red flags indicating that you may need mold mitigation on your rooftop:

Damage on your roof

Even the most minimal signs of roofing damage can cause mold to make its way into your Buffalo home. Roofing damage often ensues from heavy rain or wind storms which can cause shingles to break or fall off. This typically results in unwanted moisture entering your home and causing mold to form, especially in moist areas like an attic or basement. Ice dams can also prevent water from properly draining from your roof, making it easy for water build-up to result in attic leaks. Being proactive about roofing repairs will help to prevent mold from circulating in your home.


If your home has any leakage issues, there’s a good chance you may have some mold formation, especially in your attic or basement. While roofing leaks can seem minor, over time they can cause mold, as air is unable to reach the moisture to dry the area. Roof leaks can be minimized with better insulation, shingle and tile repairs, and proper roofing materials.

Incorrect roofing installation

If the materials on your rooftop were improperly designed for your roof during the installation process, your home will be more susceptible to harmful moisture that can harbor the growth of unwanted bacteria. An experienced roofer can examine your roof’s structure and identify where any holes may be causing air to escape into your home.

In addition to the factors above, some of the most visible signs of mold can include water marks, discoloration, peeling paint, rotting wood, and musty odors. Being aware of these signs can help you spot the formation of mold in its earliest stages.

Do you suspect mold on your roof? It’s best to have a professional roofer perform a full mold inspection to determine the cause of mold and recommend the best mold prevention and solutions moving forward.

If you’re concerned about possible mold on your roof or roofing damage, contact the roofing experts at AVA Roofing, a roofing contractor based in Buffalo, NY.