Are you checking things off your home’s summer to-do list? While having your roof cleaned may not be one of the most exciting tasks, it’s an important part of ongoing roof management for your Buffalo home. Soft washing, a low pressure washing technique, is one of the easiest ways to maintain your roof and ultimately eliminate large-scale problems that can occur as a result of a neglected rooftop.

Here are some of the reasons to consider having your roof professionally soft washed this summer:

Protection from pests and rodents

One of the biggest motivations to have your roof washed is to avoid infestation of unwanted pests and rodents. In general, a shoddy or unkept roof is more likely to attract wildlife. A clean roof that’s not covered in debris and rotting wood will deter rodents, insects, and all types of creatures that may otherwise form nests or hives on your rooftop. 

Aesthetic appeal

In addition to causing an unsightly appearance on your roof, unwanted debris like mold and algae can wreak havoc on In addition to ensuring optimal functionality of the roof of your Buffalo home, soft washing can greatly improve your roof’s appearance and enhance the look of your home at large. A roof that’s dirty, discolored, or covered in debris, can be a major deterrent for future buyers, potentially having a negative effect on future resale value. Soft washing can successfully restore your roof’s original coloring and improve its curbside appeal.

Greater longevity & damage prevention

Above all, extending the lifespan of your roof can be one of the most appealing reasons to invest in soft washing. Soft washing results in a thorough cleaning of your entire roof’s surface, protecting the quality of its shingles or tiles. Furthermore, by having your roof regularly cleaned, you’ll ensure debris and other contaminants are removed so mold infestation doesn’t occur or cause serious harm to your roof’s structure.

As you can see, cleaning your roof can reap many benefits for your home! As a homeowner in Buffalo, roof cleaning and roofing services that are performed by a professional can be one of the most impactful ways to keep your roof in top condition and prevent costly problems down the road. 

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