The Importance of a Professional Roof Inspection When Buying a Home

Are you in the market for a new home? As you undergo the home inspection process, there is one important type of inspection you don’t want to forget – a professional roof inspection. Hiring a professional to fully inspect the roof of a home you’re interested in buying can potentially save you thousands of dollars […]

Why You Should Consider Installing a Bay Window for Your Home

Are you in the market for new windows? Deciding what type of windows to install in your home can be a major decision. There are many types of windows to consider, with one of the most popular choices being a bay window. As one of the most aesthetic window options, here are three of the […]

Preventing Home Damage from Ice Dams

Did you know ice dams are one of the leading causes of interior damage to homes? The scary part about ice dams is that you often won’t notice their damage until it’s too late! Ice dams have the potential not only can harm your roof, but your gutters, paint, insulation and interior drywall. While some […]

Will Your Garage’s Roof Last the Winter? Here are Three Signs You Can’t Ignore

Have you noticed your garage’s roof rapidly deteriorating? Now with the winter months upon us, it’s important not to overlook what may appear as minor issues, as seemingly small problems can lead to major repairs. Here are some signs it may be time to replace your garage’s roof ASAP: Ripped off shingles If your roof has asphalt […]

Have a Home in a Cold Climate? Know the Benefits of a Cold Roof System

Does your home need to withstand substantial amounts of snow for several months of the year? If so, a cold roof system may be the most durable and efficient roofing option. With a “cold roof,” air outside of your home are can freely flow under your roof’s sheathing, preventing unwanted leakage and damage. Here are […]

Building a Home? Learn How to Make Design Choices with Cold Weather in Mind

Are you building a home in a cold climate? The design choices you make are critically important in determining your home’s longevity, especially when it comes to your roof. Taking some time to research the best options is critical for building a home that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. As you get […]

Window Replacement in the Winter: Is It Really So Bad?

Have you recently been told you need new windows, but are feeling hesitant to move forward with window replacement in the winter months? If you’re afraid your house will be cold during the replacement process, you should know that inefficient windows can ultimately cause even colder air to pervade your home throughout the winter. As […]

Roofing Options that are Environmentally Friendly (Part 2)

Getting ready for a new roof? It’s important to be informed about what type of roof aligns best with your preferences and long-term goals. The “go green” movement shows no signs of slowing down, and the roofing industry is no exception! As a follow-up to our first blog post about this topic, here’s our second […]

Roofing Options that are Environmentally Friendly

Are you buying, building or upgrading a house while being environmentally conscious? Your roof is your home’s biggest asset, presenting a prime opportunity to “go green.” If you’re committed to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, there are fortunately many roofing options to consider. To get started, check out our first round of environmentally friendly roofing […]