Why You Should Have Your Roof Repaired or Replaced in the Fall

Does your roof need some TLC? If you’ve been putting off having roofing repairs or a full roof replacement for your Buffalo home, having these issues rectified in the autumn will save your roof from damage when cold weather hits. If you’re still hesitant to spend money on your roof, here’s why moving forward in […]

Tear-Off vs. Overlay Roof Replacements

Have you heard about tear-off and overlay roof replacements, but are unsure of what makes them different? If your Buffalo home is in need of a new roof, it’s best to start educating yourself about what’s entailed with both types of installation. Learning about both options is the first step to getting your new roof […]

2021 Residential Roofing Trends

Are you building a new house or planning to modernize your existing Buffalo home? Checking out some of the latest roofing trends and current styles may inspire you to make some bolder decisions for your rooftop. Every year, there are new residential roofing trends that emerge. Here are some of the most current roofing trends: […]

Reasons to Have Your Roof Soft Washed This Summer

Are you checking things off your home’s summer to-do list? While having your roof cleaned may not be one of the most exciting tasks, it’s an important part of ongoing roof management for your Buffalo home. Soft washing, a low pressure washing technique, is one of the easiest ways to maintain your roof and ultimately […]

Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

With summer well underway, it’s a good idea to consider how you can keep your roof in top shape before the harsh cold weather returns. As a Buffalo homeowner, roof maintenance is important to consider in the summer months. There are fortunately many easy and affordable ways to maintain your roof and prevent future concerns. […]

Importance of Skylight Maintenance & Repairs

Have you noticed deterioration of a skylight window in your Buffalo home recently? Home skylight maintenance is an important thing to consider, and while a damaged skylight may seem insignificant, addressing it sooner than later can prevent a larger problem down the road for both your roof and home’s structural integrity. Here are some of the […]

Reasons to Have a Regular Roof Inspection

When is the last time you’ve had your roof inspected? If it’s been years since you’ve had a professional evaluate the condition of your Buffalo home’s roof, you may want to consider having a roof inspection this summer. From future cost savings to extended lifespan of your roof, regular roof inspections can play a major […]

Roofing Trends for 2021

In recent years, the roofing industry has had major shifts in terms materials, new roofing style trends, and functionality offered to homeowners. If your Buffalo home is in need of a new roof or currently are building a home, educating yourself about the latest roofing trends can help you make the best decision for your […]

Preparing Your Property for a Roof Replacement

Do you have a roof replacement planned this summer for your Buffalo home? Before any major roofing construction, planning and preparation is key for a smooth transition.  It’s recommended that homeowners take precaution to ensure full protection of their home, as well as the personal safety of themselves and their families. Here are three ways […]