Are you building a new house or planning to modernize your existing Buffalo home? Checking out some of the latest roofing trends and current styles may inspire you to make some bolder decisions for your rooftop. Every year, there are new residential roofing trends that emerge.

Here are some of the most current roofing trends:

Silicone roof coatings

If you’re thinking about making some smaller updates to your roof, silicone roof coatings may be the answer. Silicone coatings allow you to easily change the appearance of your roof without completely replacing it. Silicone coating also extends the longevity of your roof, serving as a leakproof protectant from harmful weather elements and UV rays which can cause breakage and deterioration of your roof’s surface over time.

Solar panels

In addition to causing an unsightly appearance on your roof, unwanted debris like mold and algae can wreak havoc on IThere’s no denying the movement to solar power roofing isn’t going anywhere. Solar panels continue to dominate the roofing market, becoming an appealing option for homeowners hoping to reduce their carbon footprint and save on utility costs. Solar power technology has become more advanced in recent years, appearing far less bulky and resembling the look of traditional roofing materials. With varying forms of solar shingle installation to consider, solar powered roofing is certainly one of the hottest roofing trends in right now.

Contrasting Colors and Combinations

If a new color is more your speed, there are many new contrasting colors and combinations to choose from in the roofing world! Some of the top trending colors in 2021 include light and pale blues, beige and off-white, and taupe and light brown. Depending on the color scheme of your brick or siding, there are many color options that can completely change the look of your house!

As residential roofing trends continue to evolve, there are many ways in which you can shake up the look of your home with a new roof! With countless new roofing materials and color options, contact AVA Roofing in Buffalo about roofing trends and learn how our team can help you design (or re-design) the roof of your dreams. 

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